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Nets In "Direct Talks" for Anthony; Offer Favors, Murphy, Humphries

Multiple sources take issue with ESPN reports that the Knicks are in the lead for Carmelo Anthony...and that the Nets are fading. In fact, the reverse appears true.

According to David Aldridge, Chris Sheridan's suggestion that the Knicks have made "significant progress" in acquiring Anthony has "no legs".  Another source involved in trade talks tells Aldridge that he still believes the Nets will ultimately wind up with Anthony.

He writes, "League sources that have been involved in trade discussions with the Nuggets about Anthony in recent weeks maintained that the New Jersey Nets are still in direct talks with Denver about Anthony." The talks, he added, have been low-key.

Meanwhile, Al Iannazzone tweets, "Nets are trying to get something done with Denver without involving any other teams and word is they're making progress". Specifically, Iannazzone reports the Nets' latest offer is Derrick Favors, the expiring contracts of Troy Murphy and Kris Humphries plus two first round picks. And he adds, "one source wouldn't be surprised if more became involved and the Nuggets asked for Terrence Williams at some point".

One player not included in the "most recent" Nets offers to Denver: Devin Harris, tweets Conor Orr, quoting a team insider.