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Yormark: "We Loved Yi But We're Going in a Different Direction"

In an interview with Sohu, the big China website, Brett Yormark talks about how he hopes Chinese firms will use the Nets as their global entre, in spite of the team's trade of Yi Jianlian in the off-season. The Nets sent Yi to the Wizards in late June in a salary dump that also cost the team $3 million in cash.

"Yi gave us a great deal of relevance... We loved Yi and he was terrific for us," said Yormark who marketed Yi through a two Chinese language websites and various promotions. "But we decided to go in a different direction". 

Yormark continued to talk about the Nets off-season successes in ticket sales, but CNBC's Darren Rovell tweets that the Nets are already selling tickets at "huge discounts" through a ticket seller,  The site reports "Travelzoo subscribers can save as much as 75% on some of the best seats available" for the Nets' opener vs. Detroit on October 27.