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Huh? Avery Already On Hot Seat?

This has to come under the category of odd news. A sports wagering site, quoted by the Star-Ledger, has Avery Johnson as the coach most likely to be fired in 2010-11.  The site doesn't specify why, but Conor Orr suspects it may be based on team history: three Nets coaches last season couldn't help.  One thing that flies directly in the face of all this: a previous Star-Ledger report that noted, "the Russians love him."

Speaking of Russians, Championat, the big Moscow-based sports site, does its own handicapping of new coaches. It notes that "Johnson demands unquestioning execution and respect for authority." Is he the solution?, Championat asks. "In general, yes, but it's not without a share of risk. There is a variant in which Johnson can go too far with the discipline that will certainly affect the team's chemistry."  If that leads to too many losses, "Prokhorov will not be sentimental , and replace the head coach".

Isn't Sunday the first preseason game?