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Favors' Potential Raising Nets' Eyebrows, Hopes

When Derrick Favors steps on the court for the first time as an NBA player, he'll be the youngest player in the league at a little over 19 years old.  If he steps on the court as a Net, he'll be the youngest Net ever. Of course, that remains an "if" since Favors is the player the Nuggets most want back for Carmelo Anthony.

Although he showed at the team's open practice just what his potential is, Avery Johnson will tell you it's a long way from potential to stardom...but that Favors can make that journey. The question is how quickly.  Internally, the Nets believe Favors could be an all-Star in two years. "My flavor of the night was Favors," said Johnson Thursday, praising Favors for "defensively just always being in the right position."