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SI: Nets Over Knicks But No Playoffs

Sports Illustrated's annual preview issue is out Wednesday and it predicts the Nets will top the Knicks in the Atlantic Division but neither will make the playoffs. Ian Thomsen previews the entire division, putting the Nets in third, the Knicks in fourth. Regarding Brook Lopez, Thomsen writes, "The future is bright in New Jersey thanks to Lopez, the rare Atlantic center who is both young enough and talented enough to build around." 

A rival scout tells SI, "I like this team a lot more than I thought I would, considering they’re coming off a 12–70 season" and has both good news and bad news for Nets fans

* On Derrick Favors:

After John Wall, the rookie with the most upside is Derrick Favors. He may determine whether the Nets eventually take a leapto become one of the better teams in the East.

* On the Nets wing players:

If Anthony Morrow and Travis Outlaw are your starters on the wings, then you’re in trouble. Outlaw can’t make plays off the dribble, and that’s tough to learn no matter how hard you work at it. Morrow is not going to create his own shot, but he’s as good as any shooter in the NBA.

* On Devin Harris and Avery Johnson:

Avery strikes me as a stubborn guy, and if Devin’s not playing exactly the way Avery wants him to play, then there is going to be friction.