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Derrick Favors' Secret: His Mom

Derrick Favors hasn't had such a good week, at least on the basketball court. While traveling around the world (something quite rare for a teenager), he's seen his production drop, his coach forced to defend him and his leading rival threaten his neck.  But for a kid who grew up in tough surroundings in Atlanta, that's not such a big deal.

Favors has already succeeded and without the help of a father who abandoned his mother when he learned she was pregnant. 

It's his mother Deandra who did the hard work: struggling to raise three children, building his character, pushing him to excel not just on the court but in class. "I keep an eye on all my kids," says Favors' mom. "That's the way I was raised."

Stefan Bondy writes about Favors, his taciturn, guarded personality and both of his parents: the one he's very close to and the one who only now wants to get close to him.