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Is Boeheim Recommending Nets to 'Melo?

Until this week, the conventional wisdom was Carmelo Anthony wanted a trade to the Knicks or Bulls, but he'd accept a trade to the Nets.  Then, Friday, the Denver Post quoted a "source familiar with Anthony's thinking" saying 'Melo wants to go east "notably New York or New Jersey", but he'd accept a trade to Chicago.

Now, Jim Boeheim, Anthony's college coach, discloses what he'd recommend to his former pupil, who he says "wants a place to win." "I'd tell him to try to get the best chance to be good - whether that's with young players, with draft picks or what kind of players that team can get together," Boeheim said. Sounds like that New Jersey team.

Meanwhile, Ken Berger writes things are by no means dead.  "New Jersey has continued to engage in discussions with Denver, though there's been little progress over the past week or so," Berger reports.