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Anthony Waits on a Trade as the Nets Wait on Favors

The Denver Nuggets may eventually talk to the Nets about Derrick Favors again, but for now, they're out looking for better offers for Carmelo Anthony. They'll probably keep their options open until after Dec. 15, when players that were signed as free agents this summer can be traded. To Marc Spears, Anthony seems willing to wait. But Benjamin Hochman writes that 'Melo is getting increasingly frustrated, wanting a deal to the Knicks or Nets.

In the meantime, as a scout tells Conor Orr, it's way too early to call bust or boom on Favors, who is shooting just 12-for-35 so far in the preseason."I don’t understand why anyone would (doubt) him," the scout says. "This kid can jump out of the gym, he can run, he’s strong and getting stronger and his post moves are already getting better."

"If you look at his college situation, he didn’t significantly improve until the second half of the season," Avery Johnson said in his conference call on Friday. "I’m not looking for Favors to really start making improvements until about the 30th game this season."