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Preseason Game 6 - Nets vs. Rockets - Saturday, October 16, 7:30 a.m.

Avery Johnson has promised a better performance Saturday when the Nets play the Rockets again in China, this time in the southern city of Guangzhou. But on Friday, he admitted that the team is tired from all the traveling they've been doing.

The Nets visited the Great Wall Thursday morning, then made the trip to Guangzhou in the afternoon.  According to at least one report, only three Nets --the coach, Joe Smith and Brian Zoubek-- made it to the Wall's high point.

Coincidentally, Smith will start at power forward on Saturday and Zoubek could get his first playing time, after sitting out much of training camp with a bad back.  Joining him on court may be the Rockets' seven-footer, Brad Miller

The game will be televised on NBA TV.  There will be no radio broadcast.