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Another Pundit, Another Dismal Outlook for the Nets

Yahoo! Sports' Kelly Dwyer doesn't rely on John Hollinger's PER stat to come up with a prediction for the Nets season, but he and the ESPN pundit are basically in sync on their outlook.

Dwyer predicts 27 wins (Hollinger said 26) with the possibility that it could be worse.  Summing up, Dwyer writes, "The Nets, while still full of promise, still promise to be fairly awful."  He likes Brook Lopez' emergence, thinks Devin Harris could have a resurgence, (mostly) believes in Avery Johnson and doesn't dis the off-season acquisitions.

The main reason for his pessimism? "The East is strong, there aren't many nights off, and the team will still have issues creating great shots, and keeping up on the defensive end."