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The Other (Failed) Four-Team Deal

In discussing Derrick Favors, Al Iannazzone reports on a four-team deal that was proposed after the original attempt to get Carmelo Anthony failed last month.

According to league sources quoted by Iannazzone, the mega-deal would have sent Chris Paul to Portland, Devin Harris, Kris Humphries and a host of Blazers to the Hornets, Favors to Denver and Anthony and Andre Miller to the Nets.  No doubt some draft choices would have sent flying as well.  The deal "would have been a great trade for the Nets and Blazers. But the talks didn’t really go anywhere," The Record reporter writes.

Now, though, any deal would be difficult, mainly because of Favors' lack of production.  The Nuggets will continue to monitor Favors’ progress, Iannazzone writes, "but for now can wait to see if something better becomes available".