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Chemistry the Issue for New Nets

Sometimes it manifests itself in turnovers, sometimes in missed defensive assignments.  Other times, it's shot selection. 

The issue is chemistry, the opposite side of "It's all new."  With 12 new players and a new head coach, the Nets have yet to look like a cohesive unit.

Team officials hoped the natural bonding on a long, tiring but exhilirating trip would help.  While it has off the court, there's still a need for it on the court.   A lot of the responsibility falls on Devin Harris, as point guard, senior Net and quite probable team captain. 

"Just like everybody, I'm still feeling my way through," Harris said. "It's a totally different team [this year]. Makeup of the team is totally different. The way we run the team is totally different."  The Nets visited the Great Wall early Thursday morning for a team photo and then headed to Guangzhou in southern China.