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Woj: Nuggets Have "Cooled" On Favors

Last week, Adrian Wojnarowski was seen sitting next to Mike Bratz, the Nuggets scout, as he watched Derrick Favors have a terrible game vs. the Celtics, the first of two games Bratz scouted last week.  It was Woj in fact who let people know Bratz was at The Rock with an in-game tweet.

So, his comments on the status of the Nuggets interest in Favors carry some weight...and Woj says in Bratz's eyes, "Favors looked like a 19-year-old who's a long ways away."  As a result, he says of Denver, "They'll continue to watch Favors, but right now, the Nuggets have cooled on Favors being the core guy they take back for (Carmelo Anthony) and that really hurts New Jersey's chances of landing him."