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City Issues Demolition Permit For Last Building in Way of Arena

New York City has issued a demolition permit for the last structure standing in the way of Barclays Center: Daniel Goldstein's condominium building.  The demolition will take as long as five months to complete.  The building at 636 Pacific Street is strategically situated, sitting roughly where arena center court will be, and was also a symbol of the critics' resistance.  Goldstein, spokesman for Develop Don't Destroy, was the last holdout in the arena footprint until bought out for $3 million in April. Demolition of the only other building in the arena footprint is nearly complete.

The permit was issued by the city's building department without publicity on September 16.  Forest City Ratner estimated back in April that once a permit was issued, actual demolition would take five months. Construction crews continue to excavate the arena property --"75-to-80% is complete", says Bruce Ratner-- and has begun building a foundation wall where land has already been cleared.  As this side-by-side satellite photo comparison, made two months ago, shows, much of the property has long been vacated. Ratner says the arena is on target for completion in mid-2012.