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Prokhorov Wants Playoffs, But...

Reggie Miller visited the Nets headquarters recently to talk to Avery Johnson and Billy King about Mikhail Prokhorov's goal to make the playoffs this season...a goal he reiterated when the three met up in Moscow this weekend.  But Miller couldn't get either the new coach or GM to commit to that in his interviews.

Johnson said he liked the Nets because of Prokhorov --"it all starts with ownership"-- and the opportunity to "deal with a team from the ground up."  But Johnson also said that there is an "enormous amount of work to do".  When Miller asked King directly about the playoffs, King demurred, saying only, "I just like the way we practice", adding,"if you play hard every night in this league, you win." 

Meanwhile, Mike Fratello likes what he saw against the Celtics last week. "A combination of youth, talent and veteran leadership, the new Nets are already looking much improved this season," he writes on his website.