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For Russia's Media, It's About Kids

While US media (those who were there) was focused on Mikhail Prokhorov's comments about the Nets Sunday, Russia's media wanted to know how their native son's acquisition will help basketball succeed at home...starting with the kids who played "games" against the Nets Sunday evening.

The Nets' visit got a lot of attention on television and in print. Little had to do with the personalities of the players, although they were praised for being good guys. More than one reporter noted how Brook Lopez shocked a wedding party walking through Red Square. 

ProBasketball100, the youth festival, drew the most coverage.  Sergei Ivanov, the deputy prime minister who was at the event, talked about how Russia needs NBA technology.  "These technologies will be in the form of bonuses in the form of fellowships, in the form of support for our Russian children's coaches," said Ivanov, one of the "captains" of the youth teams.  Prokhorov said he needed permission from the NBA to set up competitions between the pro's and kids aged 8 to 18, but he was happy with the outcome.