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Knicks, Raptors Trying to Thwart Anthony Deal

Two Atlantic Division rivals, the Knicks and Raptors, are reportedly trying to limit the Nets options in trade talks for Carmelo Anthony.

The Knicks' efforts are direct. Multiple sources are reporting that the Knicks have an agreement with an unnamed team to secure a first round pick, possibly in return for Wilson Chandler.  The Nuggets are demanding draft picks for Anthony and the Knicks don't have any of their own they can trade til 2014.  It's still believed that New York is the three-time all-star's preferred destination.

The Raptors are reportedly taking a different tack, trying to sabotage one element of the widely reported Nets' offer for Anthony.  The Raptors are offering to trade for Boris Diaw who would have been sent from the Bobcats to the Jazz in the proposed four-team deal. Although that deal has been pronounced dead, the Nets continue to pursue other avenues to acquire 'Melo.