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CDR on twitter - Jan. 14, 2010

Chris Dougey-Roberts on twitter

Well today, I had a meeting with our head coach. Ummmm...the media is trying to make me look like a jerk. Let me tell y'all why...

Earlier in the year,every loss would make me really upset.I was walking around w/a stress headache daily.Fa real.I was taking my anger out..

On people that didn't deserve it & I was burning bridges w/people b/c of what was going on in my career.I realized about month ago that...

Being that way wasn't healthy for me or the people I cared about.So now, I'm more relaxed in interviews & not as "a matter of fact".So nowww

That we're continuously losing & playing horrible,the media is looking for a negative story. They've been coming to me asking over & over...

Again "why have your SHOTS gone down? Why are your stats going down?" Wanting me to say some negative stuff to make our situation worse....

So since I'm NOT giving them anything, now they're saying I'm "insinuating" & they're writing things that they "think" I meant to say.Hahaaa

All my interviews are honest & straight to the point. Not once have I complained about shots or anything else. I am upset though.

But I'm upset about the way we're playing & the fact that we're losing. Me saying "I'm playing within the system" means exactly that!!

So for all you Nets "fans" who make a judgement based upon what you read need to stop doing that. It's stupid to do.

However, I'm not the "yes man" who's going to be happy w/just getting an NBA check.I play for respect & W's. The money is extra.

I'm going to speak my mind.I'm passionate about this game so I don't care if I "rub people the wrong way". I really don't.

This attitude has gotten me this far & I'm not changing @ all.My G makes me look good.That's for the Nets "fans" who think I "talk to much".

The reason I put "fans" in quotes is b/c these are the same people who said I wouldn't be NOTHING earlier in the year.

They all were saying "trade CD-R". Then when I was getting 20s, I was the "favorite". Now it's "get rid of him" again.Haahahaaahahaaa!

Fickle as hell. Read something, w/o knowing if it's true or not & then make a judgment. Hahahaa. How dumb is that?

Swear y'all mean so little to me. Never did. NetsDaily note: This tweet was later deleted.

Fickle fans mean so little to me. Swear. Always have.

I don't want to confuse anybody into thinking they're aren't any real Nets fans. They're are PLENTY & I appreciate y'all. Love y'all.