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2010 NBA Draft

Posts regarding the 2010 NBA Draft.

Ryan Blake Likes Nets Options, Says Turner "Can Be Like Dwyane Wade"

Ryan Blake sorts his opinions on the Draft prospects the Nets are likely to be looking at when they pick at #3. He thinks Evan Turner can be Dywane Wade and would find it hard to pass on DeMarcus Cousins.

Don't Count Out Cousins

There's some divided opinion on who to take if things go according to plan on Draft Night. After John Wall and Evan Turner, is it Derrick Favors (raw)? DeMarcus Cousins (immature)? or Wesley Johnson (safe)? Don't count out Cousins. Also who the Nets like at #27 and #31 and who they don't like.

Favors Most Favored in Mock Drafts But Might Turner Fall to #3?

Would Nets fans be happy with a draft of Derrick Favors, Devin Ebanks and Stanley Robinson? That's the consensus of the 12 mock drafts collated by's Drew Packham. Individual workouts begin June 4.

Wesley Johnson - The "Other" Draft Candidate

Top of the draft could get reshuffled as Derrick Favors and DeMarcus Cousins are getting consideration from Philly at #2. That could leave an opening for Wesley Johnson, the 6'7" swingman from Syracuse

Potential Net Picks Interviewed

Big Man Cousins on Nets' Radar

All the mock drafts say the Nets will take Derrick Favors at #3, but they are giving serious consideration to DeMarcus Cousins in spite of all his red flags. It's hard to miss that his 15.1-point average in 23.5 minutes a game was the highest points per minute of any collegian the past eight years.

Nets Choosing Between Cousins and Favors?

At #3, the Nets are likely to be looking at a 4, either DeMarcus Cousins of Kentucky or Derrick Favors of Georgia Tech. Both are teenagers with pterodactyl-like wing spans. Teaming either with Brook Lopez could give the Nets a solid front court for years. But Cousins is seen as immature and Favors raw.

Meanwhile, on the Basketball Side...

Rod Thorn wasn't in New York for Prokhothon 2010. Instead, he and lame duck assistant Kiki Vandeweghe were in Chicago for the annual Pre-Draft Combine. All the top players will attend and the Nets are likely to talk with John Wall and Evan Turner even though both are likely to be taken before they pick.

Do Me a Favors

Big three mock drafts are unanimous: the Nets will take 6'10" Georgia Tech freshman Derrick Favors with the third pick in the NBA Draft. Favors, who came on at the end of the season, is seen as a prototypical NBA power foward.

"Who Knows", Says Wall's Agent

John Wall's agent says it's not a done deal with the Wizards, lumps Washington with Philadelphia and New Jersey as "great cities", adding "To say something was 100 percent sure right now is unclear."

Deadlines and Committments - V

Nets Get #3 Pick in Draft Lottery

Disappointment reigns in NetsLand, whether you're in New Jersey, Brooklyn or Moscow. The Nets finish with the third pick in the Draft Lottery, behind the Wizards and Sixers. The Nets are likely to pick one of two big men...unless there's a surprise pick up top.

Draft Lottery Game Thread: 8 p.m. ET (ESPN)

Prokhorov In The House

With hours to go before what could be a seminal event in team history, basketball writers look at the possibility of a turnaround for the NBA's worst team.

If Nets Get #2, Turner Likely Pick

Evan Turner of Ohio State is the Nets' likely pick if they miss on Wall and get the #2 pick. Under some circumstances, writes Dave D'Alessandro of the Star-Ledger, a team with the #1 pick could bypass John Wall, but it's unlikely.

The "What If" Strategy

John Wall is special and Evan Turner was college player of the year, but what happens if the ping-pong ball gods don't shine on the Nets? Think big, as in power forward and small forward. Plenty of them up top in the draft.

The Draft Lottery Explained

We try to explain the NBA Draft Lottery, from numbered balls to what happens if there's a power outage in Secaucus. Stranger things have happened on Lottery night. Ask Derrick Rose.

Nets Hope To "Do the John Wall" Tuesday Night in Secaucus

Step 1 was getting Mikhail Prokhorov approved. Check. Step 2 is getting the overall #1 pick in the Draft Lottery Tuesday night. Steps 3 and 4, a new coach and success in the free agent scramble could depend on that second step.

NetsDaily Off-Season Report #5

Of Ping-Pong Balls and Prokhorov

Could Harris and Wall Co-Exist?

Should the Nets give John Wall the ball or try to create the NBA's fastest backcourt...ever? That could be the question if the Nets win the Draft Lottery next Tuesday. Not everyone thinks they should trade Devin Harris if that happens.

Profiling the "Other" Lottery Picks

Talking to the top draft prospects' coaches is one way to get a read on a player. Ben Couch of the Nets is doing just that, staring with Derrick Favors' coach at Georgia Tech, Paul Hewitt.

Thorn: If We Get #1, It's John Wall. Then the Fun Begins

Rod Thorn says it first: If the ping pong gods shine on the Nets come May 18, it's a no-brainer: John Wall will be a Net. Then he will decide whether to trade Devin Harris. Not such a no-brainer.

In First Mock Drafts, It's Wall, Warren and Lawal

In first mock drafts, the draftniks like John Wall of Kentucky, Willie Warren of Oklahoma City and Gani Lawal of Georgia Tech. In all four mocks surveyed, Wall comes out on top, with the other two getting two votes each.

Nets Begin Workouts

Jimmer Fredette, the BYU point guard, appears to be the Nets first workout least according to his father. The elder Fredette says his son, one of the second round's fast risers, worked out for the Nets Thursday and will do the same for the Knicks Friday.

Nets To Host Group Draft Workout

Nets to host one of two group workouts for Draft prospects. The other will be in Minneapolis, HoopsWorld reports. The group workout will not prohibit the Nets from doing their own workouts with players they are more seriously considering.

John Wall or Evan Turner?

If the Nets get the top pick in the Draft Lottery, who's the "best player available", John Wall or Evan Turner? Both have well known positives and some negatives. A college hoops blogger looks at both before making his choice on who the Nets should take...if they get lucky.

Odds Are Good When They're 1 in 4

Should Nets fans be upset with the #3 or #4 pick? Not so much, writes Ben Couch of the Nets website. Historically speaking, you can get an All-Star or Hall of Famer at either position. There are no guarantees, either way.

Woj: Nets Not Likely to Make the Playoffs Next Year Either

How good will the Nets be next year? Adrian Wojnarowski thinks they will be better, but not playoff bound. He likes the new owner and the draft picks, but doesn't think any "marquee player" is coming to the Nets in free agency.

Deadlines and Commitments - III

Nets and the Numbers

Nets promoting the NBA Draft Lottery with a countdown clock, a web page and some analysis of which way the ping pong balls might land. Problem is that the losingest teams have won the lottery only twice in the past 20 years.

In Mock Drafts, It's Wall and Warren

With all but the Lottery order decided and most college and international players having made up their minds, mock drafts are taking shape. John Wall is projected as everyone's No. 1, but pundits also like Willie Warren in a Nets cap come June 24.