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2010 NBA Draft

Posts regarding the 2010 NBA Draft.

Draft Day Wonders and Blunders: Getting Ready For the Next Chapter

Nets have a Draft Day history of great picks and really bad ones, offers made and rejected. We try to go through the best and the worst, the wonders and blunders.

Despite Trade, No Change in Sixers Draft Plan

Samuel Dalembert trade won't change Sixers' draft plans, say Ed Stefanski and Doug Collins. That means any chance the Nets have for Evan Turner are fast diminishing.

Brooklyn's Stephenson To Work Out For Nets and Knicks

Lance Stephenson, Brooklyn's finest, will work out with the Nets and Knicks this week. The 6'6" guard is the highest scoring guard in New York city and state history.

Agent: Nets Have "Genuine Interest" in Favors

It is officially silly season. Derrick Favors' agent says that while the Nets have "genuine interest" in his client, the 76ers are "clearly interested". What's the difference? Perhaps just the time of the year.

Favors "Out of Shape"?

With Derrick Favors about to go one-on-one with DeMarcus Cousins on Monday, conditioning has become an issue...for Favors, not Cousins. According to both Wolves' GM David Kahn and Coach Kurt Rambis, Favors showed up "out of shape" for a workout in Minnesota.

With a Week Left to the Draft, Crunchtime Approaches

With a week to go, things appear to be unsettled for the Nets. It's not their fault. With the #3 pick, they may be tempted to move down, may be presented with an opportunity to take someone everyone thought would go #2. It's going to interesting and confusing.

In Mock Drafts, It's Favors Up Top But No Consensus Down Below

Mock Drafts--and at least one beat reporter--think the Nets will take Derrick Favors at #3, but no one has a good idea of who will be available at #27 or #31...assuming there are no trades, purchases, etc.

Favors vs. Cousins - A Preview

Kings release video of Derrick Favors and DeMarcus Cousins working out last weekend in Sacramento. It's a preview of Monday's one-on-one in New Jersey.

Is Armon Johnson the Nets' Choice at #27?

Is Nevada's 6'4" PG Armon Johnson in for a workout or an audition Wednesday? Post's Fred Kerber suggests the speedy combo guard may be the Nets' choice at #27.

Monroe vs. Udoh This Week then Cousins vs. Favors Next Week

It's Cousins vs. Favors on June 21, and Udoh vs. Monroe on Wednesday, plus a visit from Wesley Johnson, as the Nets get ready for the big decisions on Draft Night.

Cousins vs. Favors - June 21 in NJ; Winner Take All?

Draft Express is only one of about a dozen mock drafts, but it's one of the most popular because of its track record. In its latest mock, there's no's still Derrick Favors, but DX's Jonathan Givony writes that Wesley Johnson is still a factor at #3, but DeMarcus Cousins apparently is not.

Cousins and Favors - A First Look...In Sacramento

When the Nets pick at #3, the choice is likely to come down to Derrick Favors and DeMarcus Cousins. Wesley Johnson is in the mix as well, but it's the two teenaged big men they're most interested in. They worked out in Sacramento Saturday and here's the Kings' first impressions.

NetsDaily Off-Season Report #9

In our latest off season report, we take a long, cautionary look at the Draft. Just because you have a top four pick doesn't mean you'll get a great player. Chances are about 50-50 in fact. We also write about Avery Johnson and the Jason Kidd trade and wonder about a help wanted ad.

Would the Nets Go "Yellow Jacket" in Both Rounds?

It's getting to be a foregone conclusion--at least among draftniks--that the Nets will take Derrick Favors of Georgia Tech at #3. Would they take his teammate, Gani Lawal, at #27 or #31. They might...and that would be fine with Lawal.

Group Workouts End With Battle of Jersey Big Guys

In group workouts' final day, one of the nation's top offensive rebounders, Brian Zoubek of Duke, pared off with one of the top shot blockers, Hamady Ndiaye. So intense was their faceoff that Tom Barisse, the Nets assistant who ran things, predicted both would make it in the league.

Deadlines and Commitments - VIII

Value of Draft Camp Stretches Beyond June 24 For Prospects

Call it a meat market if you will, but like the NFL, the NBA is creating a series of pre-draft camps to bring together dozens of draft prospects to work out in front of dozens of NBA executives. It gives lot of lesser known talents an opportunity to break through.

Wesley Johnson "In the Mix at the No. 3"

Mock Drafts almost unanimous in having the Nets choose Derrick Favors, but ESPN's Chad Ford says Wesley Johnson is also "in the mix".

Favors: Nets' Record Not a Problem "I Think I Will Be Able To Fit In"

Derrick Favors thinks he should go #1 "Because I know what kind of player I am and what I could bring to the floor. " But he's realistic enough to say he expects to be able to "fit in" with the Nets' roster if taken #3. "They have a lot of good players".

The Big Guys Come Alone

While Nets are focused on prospects for #27 and #31, they are also making plans for workouts for #3. Rod Thorn announced that the Nets will be bringing in DeMarcus Cousins, Wesley Johnson and Derrick Favors over the next two weeks. They will each come alone.

So Many Prospects, So Little Time

More than 40 draft prospects will be trooping through the Nets practice facility this week, both in individual and group workout settings. Among them, a couple of forwards linked to the Nets in mock drafts: UConn's Stanley Robinson and Georgia Tech's Gani Lawal

The Evan Turner Head Fake

With a top heavy draft, teams are looking to move up even more than usual. With the 76ers in position to control the Draft after John Walls goes #1, there's a lot of spinning in Philly. Chad Ford of ESPN isn't quite sure what the Sixers are up to.

Favors: Nets Have "Very Good Interest"

In a video recorded May 20, Derrick Favors says the Nets expressed "very good interest" in him and that he thinks he could go "as high as about #3", where the Nets pick. The Georgia Tech product also compared his game to Amare Stoudemire and Kevin Garnett.

Deadlines and Commitments - VII

Who's Buying, Selling Picks?

We offer a tutorial on who may be buying and who may be selling picks on draft night. Last year, there were four straight cash deals for second round picks and five others involving cash sweeteners in trades for picks. The Nets have never bought a pick, but now with a cash-rich owner, who knows.

Sanders, Gallon, Jones Among Nets' Top Candidates at #27 and #31

The top candidates for the Nets #3 pick will be in soon enough, but the Nets have two other picks, at #27 and #31 where the competition is more wide open. On Friday morning, the first four candidates for those jobs--and training camp invites beyond the draft--arrived in East Rutherford.

Polinsky On Piecing Together Prospects' Personality Puzzle

Gregg Polinsky is probably the Nets' least visible basketball type and with good reason: he lives and works out of Birmingham, Alabama, and his job, as director of player personnel, i.e. chief scout, some of what he does is cloak and dagger.

Mock Draft Consensus Still (Mostly) Favors Favors

The Draftniks stand fast: It's Derrick Favors at #3 for the Nets. Nine out of 12 mock drafts consulted by think the 18-year-old Georgia Tech PF is going to the Nets. Rod Thorn tells the Post he would be "shocked" if Evan Turner isn't taken at #2.

Prokhorov: "Do Not Be Afraid...This Will Be an Outstanding Draft"

In comments Tuesday on the Nets, Mikhail Prokhorov said he expects the Draft to be "outstanding" and said nice things about both Devin Harris and Rudy Gay. The Grizzlies' small forward, he said, is typical of a player taken after #1 but turned into a star.

Not as Simple as 1, 2, 3

If the 76ers are setting up a workout pitting Derrick Favors vs. DeMarcus Cousins, does that mean Philly may not be drafting Evan Turner at #2? And would Timberwolves GM David Kahn be willing to give up one of his 4's to get to #2? We will know in 25 days, but until then, we can wonder.

Draft Candidates Start Arriving This Week for Workouts

The Nets begin working out draft prospects this week, with the first six candidates arriving Friday. Among them, Larry Sanders, VCU's 6'11" PF; Tiny Gallon, Oklahoma's 6'10" PF and Dominic Jones, South Florida's 6'4" shooting guard. Local product, Lance Thomas of Duke, also on hand.

NetsDaily Off-Season Report #7

In our weekly off-season report, we look at how the Nets feel about DeMarcus Cousins, using Rod Thorn's most recent comments...all of which have been positive. We look at what Thorn has told reporters about other prospects and what's the inside scoop on the team's Russian Revolution.