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2010 NBA Draft

Posts regarding the 2010 NBA Draft.

Thorn: Nets Didn't Consider Lin

Was Rod Thorn interested in Jeremy Lin on Draft Night 2010 or the morning after? "I wish I could say we were," Thorn said. "But the fact is no. Looking back at the scouting reports, back in the days when I was with the Nets, nobody was that high on him."

How a "Holler" Gave Us Kris & Kim

In their first television interview, Kris Humphries and the missus didn't mention NBA free agency or the lockout, but he did provide details on how the two met nearly a year ago.

Zoubek, Uzoh Among Likely Keepers

Nets Brian Zoubek and Ben Uzoh among the most likely undrafted rookies to make an NBA roster this fall, suggests DIME. No surprise, since they're also the only two undrafted who's gotten partially guaranteed deals so far.

Nets Tried to Buy Pick To Take Tiny Gallon

The Nets tried to buy a pick in the second round to take Tiny Gallon, the 6'10", 320-pound Oklahoma PF. The Nets had a deal to buy the Heat's pick at #48 but the Bucks beat them to it.

The Value of Favors and Loyalty

The Nets like Derrick Favors. They like fielding phone calls for him. There was the Danny Granger phone call and the LaMarcus Aldridge phone call. Neither produced a deal. And it's unlikely any will.

Did the Nets Get the Most NBA-Ready Rookie?

The stats geeks down at Wages of Wins think the draft choice best prepared for the NBA is not John Wall or DeMarcus Cousins (he's second) but Damion James, taken by the Nets at #24. We buy that.

Favors, James Promise Nets Quick Rewards

Derrick Favors will be the Nets youngest player ever and the youngest in the NBA next season. Still, the #3 pick thinks he can help right away with defense and rebounding. Damion James thinks his experience guarding Kevin Durant every summer can't hurt.

Favors Wows Johnson, But Thorn Non-Commital about His Future

Derrick Favors can be smaller version of Dwight Howard, maybe a younger version of Kevin Garnett. Was Avery Johnson selling Favors to fans or to teams whose free agent stars might want a sign-and-trade

CDR Deal Official

Chris Douglas Robert deal goes through. The Nets get the Bulls pick in the second round of the 2012 draft, a pick conveyed to the Bucks earlier this year. Also, why the Nets took Damion James and how Eric Musselman might join the team's staff.

Draft Grades Handed Out ...They're Good So Far

Chad Ford thinks Damion Jones could be James Posey. Bill Simmons thinks Derrick Favors could be Antonio McDyess. It's all part of the draft grading process.

The Morning After

Nets liked what they saw in both Derrick Favors, who had been on their radar, and Damion James, who hadn't been. Bottom line, the Nets came away with two bigs.

Summer League Invitations Go Out to Chism, Zoubek, Uzoh, Carter

Nets Trade for Damion James

The Nets traded their two late picks to the Hawks for Damion James, who averaged 18 0 and 10.3 for Texas this season.

With the #3 Pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, the New Jersey Nets Select Derrick Favors

Nets make the pick - Derrick Favors, the 6'10" PF/C out of Georgia Tech is the #3 pick in the NBA Draft.

In Final Mocks, It's Favors, Crawford, Gallon

In final mock drafts, it's Derrick Favors at #3, Jordan Crawford at #27 and Tiny Gallon at #31. That's barring any late trades or other transactions.

Blockbuster Looks Unlikely

Woj reports Nets and Pacers in discussions that would send Devin Harris, Yi Jianlian and #3 pick to the Pacers for a package that includes Danny Granger and the #10 pick. Nets are "lukewarm", says Woj.

It Looks Like Favors, But Nets and Thorn Keep 'Em Guessing

Andy Katz reporting the deal is done: the Nets will take Derrick Favors at #3, in part because he is more valuable in a sign and trade for a free agent.

Expect the Unexpected

Expect the Unexpected. Rod Thorn loves to wheel and deal on Draft Night and with rumors flying around the league, don't be surprised by anything. Thorn did say the expectation is that Devin Harris will still be a Net come Friday morning.

Staying Up Late

The list of names at the top of the Nets draft board is short--Derrick Favors, Wesley Johnson, maybe DeMarcus Cousins and Greg Monroe. Not so for #27 and #31. We take a look at the most likely.

Back to Favors? And a Pick at #19?

In consensus mock draft, it's still Derrick Favors although it's no longer unanimous. Of the 12 mocks surveyed by, eight are still projecting Favors. ESPN's Chris Sheridan seems to think so as well and reports the Nets may be marketing Keyon Dooling's contract.

Avery Wants "Low Maintenance" Pro, Rod Wants More Cap Space

Wondering why the Nets have shifted from Derrick Favors and DeMarcus Cousins to Wesley Johnson and Greg Monroe? Think Avery Johnson.

CDR to Milwaukee for 2012 Second Rounder

Nets and Bucks in "serious negotiations" on a deal that would send Chris Douglas-Roberts to Milwaukee for an unidentified second round pick. The Bucks hold the #37 and #47 picks.

Six Goes Into Two Wednesday

Six goes into two -- six candidates for Nets two late picks -- Wednesday in New Jersey - Tiny Gallon, Craig Brackins, Lance Stephenson, Andy Rautins, Ryan Thompson and Dominique Jones.

Cousins Out? Monroe In?

Nets Thinking Greg Monroe as well as Derrick Favors and Wesley Johnson. DeMarcus Cousins seems like he's out of the picture as Rod Thorn says it's a "leap of faith" to think he can play power forward.

Do The Nets Want Johnson at #3, Or Do They Just Want to Do a Deal?

ESPN and Draft Express disagree in their latest mock drafts, with Chad Ford believing it's still Derrick Favors, but Jonathan Givony says the Nets will surprise with Wesley Johnson.

Nets' Decision Gets Delayed

DeMarcus Cousins comported himself well, but is he a power forward. Derrick Favors didn't hurt himself but how long will it take him to develop. Wesley Johnson could be star at small forward but can you chance getting a power forward in free agency...and what about Ricky Rubio?

How Real, How Recent Are Reports of Nets' Offer for Chris Paul?

How real are reports that the Nets, among others, are in talks about Chris Paul? Not very, say people in the know. Now with both sides dealing with new coaches and new owners.

A Three-Man Race for #3?

Both Derrick Favors and DeMarcus Cousins played well today at the Nets' PNY Center, with Favors not hurting himself and Cousins helping himself. Nets see the race for #3 as a three-man race.

Monday's $19.3 Million Question - Who Can Play Best with Brook ?

On the morning of the Big Workout, it's still looking like Derrick Favors over DeMarcus Cousins for that big $19.3 million contract the #3 pick will get. It's all about playing with Brook Lopez.

Favors Unanimous Choice at #3; Crawford Moving Into #27

The draftniks have spoken. In an survey of mock drafts Sunday night, Derrick Favors is seen as a unanimous choice for the #3 pick. The situation remains unsettled at #27 and #31, but Jordan Crawford gets the most notice.

Favors Still Has the Edge as Draft Approaches

Derrick Favors still the favorite going into Monday's one-on-one with DeMarcus Cousins, but if Philly takes either, the Nets will go with Evan Turner. At #27 and #31, think Dominque Jones of South Florida and Gani Lawal, Favors teammate at Georgia Tech.

NetsDaily Off-Season Report #10

Our Off-Season Report #10 is draft centric, with background on Derrick Favors, our predictions, the possibility of a trade, Euro-sleepers, more on Team Prokhorov, etc.


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