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2010 Free Agency

Posts regarding free agency in the Summer of 2010.

Devin Reflects on LeBron, Mikhail, Avery and Seasons Past and Future

Devin Harris was Nets captain last season and is likely to be again this season. So he has some perspective on a number of things Nets which he shared with the Madison Capitol Times Wednesday while taking a group of campers to the University of Wisconsin.

Nets Readied Big Contract for Scola, But Rocket Decided to Stay Home

The Houston Chronicle reports Thursday the Nets had prepared to offer Luis Scola $55 million over five years, including a big signing bonus, earlier this month, but the Rockets forward decided to accept the security of a smaller deal with Houston.

Battie Signs with Philly; Celtics Approach Hayes

With Keyon Dooling in Milwaukee and Tony Battie in Philadephia, five players from last year's Nets remain unsigned.

Among The LeBron Also-Rans, Nets Rank Fourth

Among LeBron's "bridesmaids", the Knicks rank first in terms of their improvement since "The Decision" while the Nets are fourth, just ahead of the Clippers. So writes Kelly Dwyer of Yahoo!

Dooling Becomes First Nets Free Agent to Sign ...with Milwaukee

Keyon Dooling signs, but not with the Heat. He's headed to Milwaukee where he will back up Brandon Jennings and join Chris Douglas-Roberts. Dooling had been rumored to be headed to Miami.

Are the Nets One Star Away from Being Good?

Is the Nets' new slogan "One Star Away"? That's what Rod Thorn seemed to have told Mikhail Prokhorov on departing last week, urging him to hold on to the team's cap space but be ready should a star come along.

Craig Smith Tweets "I Would Love to Play for the Nets"...Signs With Clips

Craig Smith, responding to a lobbying campaign by NetsDaily posters, says he would love to play for the Nets "so we will see what will happen". No indication if the Nets have approached him or are even interested.

Outlaw Move a Family Thing

Travis Outlaw is from a small town in Mississippi and played all but a few months of his NBA career in Portland, a small city. Now, he's headed for the big city and the extended family is going to be there with him.

Bobby Marks: Big Winner in Nets' Big Shuffle

Bobby Marks, now vice president of basketball operations and Billy King's No. 2 in the front office, is one the NBA's top "capologists", a job that requires the skills of an accountant, computer geek and lawyer. He's done so well at it that numerous writers see the 37-year-old as a future GM.

Dave D: Nets Losers in Free Agency, But There's Always Trades

It's hard to call the Nets anything but losers in free agency, but in his Winners and Losers column Sunday, Dave D'Alessandro of the Star-Ledger points out the window may not be closed for the team.

NetsDaily Off-Season Report #14

In this week's Off-Season Report, we take a look at wo Avery Johnson interviews we belatedly trolled through Saturday. We answer the question, Who is Prokhorov's go-to guy on the Nets. We take a look at how the start of the Nets rebuilding compares to that of the 76ers after their disastrous season in 1973...and how it compares to the Knicks now.

Did the Nets Ever Have a Chance with LeBron?

In somewhat differing but complementary views of backroom manuevering before "The Decision" Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! and Brian Windhorst of the Plain Dealer before him suggest that the Nets never really had a chance with LeBron James.

Petro: "I Will Back Up 4 and 5"

Johan Petro says he is prepared to back up at both the power forward and center positions this season and see the Nets as a "super exciting team" of the future. Petro, 24, signed a three-year $10 million deal with the Nets Wednesday.

Meet the New Nets

The Nets formally announced the signings of Jordan Farmar, Travis Outlaw and Johan Petro on Wednesday, and then had all four of their new players (including Anthony Morrow) meet the media. They're young, they're apparently happy to be here, and they're looking for an opportunity to play.

LeBron Buzz Gets Nets 2,100 New Season Ticket Holders

Nets sell 2, 100 new season ticket packages, but the Knicks sell 4,000 and the Bulls 5,000, all due to the LeBron Buzz. See, he didn't leave us empty-handed.

Agent: Scola Has Interest from Nets

Luis Scola expects an offer from the Rockets Wednesday but if that doesn't work out, he says the Nets have interest. Because he's a restricted free agent, the Rockets have seven days to match any offer.

Talking with Beat Writers, Prokhorov Asks Fans for Patience

Mikhail Prokhorov asks Nets fans for patience in spite of last season's disastrous 12-70 record and this summer's disappointing free agency. He also says his plan for a championship in five years remains intact.

Nets Trade Second Round Pick (Not Really) in Morrow Deal

Disappointed With What They Didn't Get; Happy With What They Did

Disappointed with what they didn't get, yet happy with what they did seems to be the Nets mantra this off-season. Meanwhile, a new name has emerged in the power forward pool: Louis Amundson, but only as a back-up, short-term choice.

Nets Using Sign-and-Trade to Get Anthony Morrow From Warriors

Nets and Warriors agree to a sign-and-trade that will permit Anthony Morrow to join the Nets without having to wait for Golden State to match the Nets' $12 million offer sheet.

Physicals Monday; Press Conference Wednesday?

The four newest Nets--Anthony Morrow, Johan Petro, Travis Outlaw and Jordan Farmar--are expected in early this week for physicals and a press conference. Mikhail Prokhorov who will attend his first NBA Board of Governors meeting Monday in Las Vegas.

Nets Reach Agreement with Farmar on 3-year, $12 Million Contract

The Nets have made point guard Jordan Farmar an offer of three years and either $11 or $12 million, depending on which tweet you read.

Haslem Considering Nets' Offer

Miami Herald reporting Udonis Haslem is considering a three-year $10 million offer from the Nets as well as deal with the Heat for "significantly" less

Nets Going with Plan "Y" - For Youth

Going with Plan "Y" for Youth, the Nets are going in a different direction than their cross river rivals...or most of the league's teams. Are they the Thunder East?

Nyet to Nets? Top Russian Center Signs With Knicks

Nyet to Nets? In a surprising development, at least in Russia, the country's top center signed with the Knicks and not Mikhail Prokhorov's Nets. Asked why, Timofey Mozgov replied, "you'd better ask my agent about that."

Two More Holes to Fill

The Nets finally got some shopping done, adding Travis Outlaw, Johan Petro and (likely) Anthony Morrow. But they're still missing a power forward and a back-up point guard. The list of potential targets remains the same: Udonis Haslem, Luis Scola and Jordan Farmar.

NetsDaily Off-Season Report #13

NetsDaily Off-Season Report #13 - We look at a lot of numbers. Nets are still $18 million under the cap...and may be $14 or $15 million under by opening night. What about Prokhorov showering us with money?

Nets Reach Agreement with Johan Petro

The Nets have reportedly reached an agreement with back-up center Johan Petro on a three-year contract worth $10 million. Petro is a five-year veteran, but is just 24 years old.

Nets To Sign Anthony Morrow to Offer Sheet Monday

The Nets have signed shooting guard Anthony Morrow, a restricted free agent, to an offer sheet worth $12 million over three years. The Warriors will have a week to decide whether or not to match the offer, but according to Adrian Wojnarowski, they're not expected to.

Rumors Aplenty As Free Agency Reaches "Musical Chairs" Stage

Rumors aplenty as free agency reaches musical chairs stage: Are the Nets going to prepare a "big money" offer for Luis Scola? Are they interested in Derek Fisher?

Outlaw: "I Just Want Opportunity"

Travis Outlaw will be in New Jersey for a press conference Tuesday, and in an interview with the Oregonian, he details why he chose the Nets over other teams, including the Trail Blazers. "I just want the opportunity", he says.

Thomas Re-Signs With Charlotte

Thomas signs with Bobcats, gets $40 milliion, leaving only Derrick Favors and Kris Humphries as the only power forwards on the Nets' roster.


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