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2010 Coaching Search

Posts regarding the search for the Nets' next coach.

Choice of Kidd will be debated all season long

Two days after Jason Kidd was introduced to the media on Thursday and a day after he (and Billy King) made the rounds of local and national radio shows, the debate over Kidd's qualifications continues and is likely to continue throughout the season.

It's Devin's Team Again

Four weeks ago, he was on the verge of being traded. The Nets would get John Wall and Devin Harris would be sent packing. Better to give the keys to the kid. Then, ping pong balls changed everything and now with Avery Johnson in charge, it's Harris team again.

"I'm Going To Work Morning, 'Noon and Night To Get The Big Trophy"

Avery Johnson promises to work morning, noon and night to get the "Big Trophy", just as his boss did.

Sam Mitchell Could Be Johnson's Top Aide

Former Toronto Raptor coach Sam Mitchell, named NBA Coach of the year in 2007 and then fired in 2008, is a leading candidate for the lead assistant's job under Avery Johnson, ESPN's Marc Stein reports.

Avery Johnson On-The-Air, Online

Prokhorov to Johnson: "We Need to Create Dynasty Team"

Mikhail Prokhorov and Avery Johnson get together at the NBA Finals in Boston. Press conference Tuesday morning in New Jersey.

A Brilliant Mind and the Courage to Speak It

Gregg Popovich remembers clearly a series of moments that led him to believe that Avery Johnson had a brilliant mind and the courage to speak it. And is eternally grateful.

Stein: Nets' Job "Pretty Irresistible" for Johnson

Marc Stein thinks Avery Johnson is a lucky guy. That's a good attribute for a coach to have. He explains that the Nets situation, in spite of their 12 wins, are a better bet than Atlanta, Philadelphia or New Orleans, the other teams he interviewed with. The Nets? Really?

Professionalism Could Help Hassell Get Coaching Job in the Future

DIME taps five current NBA players as among the next wave of coach material. Some are no surprises, like Shane Battier and Derek Fisher. Also on the list: the Nets' free agent, Trenton Hassell, whose professionalism this year, is one reason he gets noticed.

Thorn: Prokhorov Gave Me Free Hand in Hiring Head Coach

Rod Thorn says Mikhail Prokhorov is fully engaged in the Nets' operations, but gave him a free hand in hiring Avery Johnson. Prokhorov "didn't have any input at all," Thorn told WFAN radio.

The Relationship

Whatever hopes or fears Nets fans had about Devin Harris being traded this off-season seem to have evaporated with the selection of Avery Johnson as head coach. Johnson seems intent on re-establishing his protege' as the All-Star point guard he envisioned when the two were in Dallas.

For Nets, It Will Be a New Day; For Johnson, a Chance at Redemption

Avery Johnson will be tough, disciplined and hold people accountable. But will he be so over-the-top in those aspects of coaching that he will hurt his team and himself, as he did in Dallas? That's the question for the Nets and Johnson himself.

Nets Make it Official

The Nets made official on Thursday afternoon what we learned about 24 hours earlier. They have reached an agreement to make Avery Johnson their next head coach.

A First Meeting and A Reunion

He announced the hire himself on national TV. He said he's cleaning house and hiring all new assistants. He spoke to whoever he wanted. Now Avery Johnson is getting ready for a whirlwind, a meeting with Mikhail Prokhorov in the Finals, a New York press conference and a reunion with Devin Harris.

Johnson: "Yes, I Am Coming to New Jersey"

ESPN reports that Avery Johnson and the Nets have reached a verbal agreement for the former Mavs coach to coach the Nets next season.

Coaching List Down to "Two to Three", But Johnson Likely Choice

Scratch Jeff Van Gundy, Tom Thibodeau, Monty Williams and Mike Brown off the list. We know Avery Johnson is still on it, but who else? Rod Thorn won't say, but he says it's down to "two to three" candidates.

Nets Interested in Izzo, Too?

Michigan State Athletic Director Mark Hollis says he heard "talk" last week that the Nets were interested in Tom Izzo as their coach. The Nets' new owner has said NBA experience is a must and Izzo has none of that. He does have an NCAA title and six Big Then championships.

Johnson Front-Runner for Nets' Job, But Is He a Finalist for Hawks, Too?

The Nets should know by mid-week whether their latest coaching candidate will take a job somewhere else. ESPN reports that Avery Johnson is one of the finalists for the Hawks job, along with Dwane Casey, the Mavs assistant.

Thibodeau Accepts Bulls Offer

the Hornets have given up on Tom Thibodeau and decided to hire Monty Williams. With New Orleans out of the mix, Thibodeau will turn to the Bulls or Nets. While the Nets intend to wait til after the Finals to hire a coach, the Bulls are expected to make the Celtics assistant an offer within 24 hours.

Thibodeau In or Out?

Yahoo! Sports reports that the Tom Thibodeau was still "trying to buy time to meet with officials from Chicago and New Jersey" because "sources say he prefers those jobs over the Hornets, but those teams have yet to make an offer to him." Meanwhile, ESPN is reporting the Hornets won't enforce their deadline and the Bulls are looking at a variety of candidates, including Lawrence Frank.

Cap Management Could Help Nets Make "Quick Turnaround"

One overlooked aspect of the Nets' rebuilding effort is its cap management, says "Besides Harris’s three year deal, the Nets currently don’t have anyone that will make more than $4 million in a season or has a contact longer than three years."

Johnson Leading Nets Candidate with Thibodeau Likely for Bulls

The Hornets have told Tom Thibodeau that unless he accepts their offer to coach the team by Thursday evening, they may pull their offer. That's according to ESPN's Marc Stein. Thibodeau meanwhile wants to wait to see what the Nets and Bulls will offer him.

Van Gundy Out of the Picture as Thorn Extends Interview Deadline

Rod Thorn had hoped he could finish his first round of coaching candidate interviews by Friday, when draft prospects begin showing up at the PNY Center in East Rutherford. Not happening. "I’m fast, but I’m not that fast," Thorn said Tuesday.

Jeanie's More Loyal to Phil than Family

Would a move to the Nets end the romance between Phil Jackson and the daughter of the Lakers owner? She emails the Post to say no. He has 10 rings. She has none, but she's loyal to the guy.

Thibodeau To Meet Thorn Before Thursday

As Hornets prepare contract for Tom Thibodeau, he waits to talk with Rod Thorn, reports Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski. If the Boston assistant dawdles, he adds, Monty Williams could sneak in. The Thibodeau-Thorn meeting is scheduled for early this week.

Thorn to Talk with Thibodeau

Nets will talk soon to Boston's Tom Thibodeau as well as Avery Johnson. Then by the end of next week, expect Jeff Van Gundy and Mike Brown to be in for talks.

Deadlines and Committments - VI

Johnson "Optimistic" Interview Will Lead to Job Offer

Rod Thorn keeping silent on who he's interviewing for the head coaching job...and when. Four to six candidates and maybe a surprise make up the short list.

Avery Up First, Thorn Hints at "Surprise"

Days after Rod Thorn denied he had set up an interview with Avery Johnson, Al Iannazzone of The Record reports that an interview has indeed been scheduled...for this weekend. Johnson apparently will be the first of "four to six" candidates Thorn will interview for the open post.

Jackson: "I'd Like to Have a Vodka" with Prokhorov

Phil Jackson? The Nets are reportedly gauging his interest in coming back east next season.

What Can Brown Do For You?

What can Brown do for you? Mike Brown, that is. Rod Thorn hinted strongly Monday that his short list of coaching candidates now includes the coach Cleveland fired earlier in the day. Rather than say he was looking at "four to five" possibilities, he told Dave D'Alessandro the number is now "four to six".

Avery Johnson First Up...and Maybe the Favorite

Avery Johnson is emerging as the leading candidate for the Nets coaching job, reports the Daily News. He will be interviewed next week for the job, ESPN reports. Johnson has been endorsed by Devin Harris, who he coached in Dallas.


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