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TWill's ROY Tweets

I simulated through the season an this is my stats an what I earned Hey don't hate me its what the game did
Posted Sept 28th

Goin for late night shots an some laps in the pool ROY I needs
11:15 PM Sep 25th from UberTwitter

On the way to the gym gotta get these shots up an drills in, "ROY" won't come without work an I don't get it ill die trying
7:46 PM Aug 30th from UberTwitter

10 am up at it 2 an a half work out coming up Its only right to try to get better everyday yeeeeee diggggg I need that "ROY"
8:47 AM Aug 28th from UberTwitter

At the gym yea I kno its midnight but I want "ROY" so why not also with my @sdotlambo an @bigg8me23 got to put that long work in yessir
11:21 PM Aug 26th from UberTwitter

Did numbers at the crap table, now on the way to the gym to work on my euro step an some catch an shooting ya diggg"ROY"
8:59 PM Aug 24th from UberTwitter

At the gym all alone, some get to sleep some get to chill I'm trying to get ROY, I wanna win games so I'm getting it
10:47 PM Aug 21st from UberTwitter