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Yi on CCTV

Translation courtesy of Yao Ming Mania

Reporter: The intensive training you had during this summer seemed to have enhanced your game alot, particularly that you had added 3 kilograms of muscles. How did you view this progress?

Yi Jianlian: How should I put this? The training I received during this summer in the States definitely had helped me much; I thought I had improved in my shooting and physical resistance. However, you can't rely on such short term, 1-month or 2-month type of intensive training. I need to persist to train and improve my game on a daily and yearly basis.

Reporter: Now that Vince Carter had been traded to Orlando Magic, it is becoming a general view (by NBA experts/critics) that New Jersey Nets could hit rock bottom (and lottery-bound) in the East Conference. Do you think your team can get good results in the new season?

Yi Jianlian: Actually this is a very normal question; we need to view and treat this with very ordinary and casual attitude 平常心去看待; I'm still with the New Jersey Nets; facing an identical issue, the goal of our team should be the same, and that is we must go out to win; we must do everything possible and go all out to win.

Reporter: But now that Vince Carter is gone, the young lads at New Jersey Nets, like you, Devin Harris, or Brook Lopez will have more opportunities for ball handling, and also more opportunities for shot attempts and scoring, and much wider space for growth. What is your view on that?

Yi Jianlian: You can only view this as a kind of process. Opportunities are there for you to strive and grab. It does not mean now that Vince Carter is gone, and I definitely will automatically become a starter. Whether I will be a starter or I still play from the bench is there for me to earn. Of course, I certainly hope I can play better and better. I will strive to maintain/improve my conditions and play consistently in the new season.

Reporter: As Yao Ming fades out from the national team, (everyone expects) you will become the pillar and backbone of the next generation of the national team. Fans/critics all over the nation will compare you and Yao Ming at the same altitude/level. Do you feel the pressure?

Yi Jianlian: I thought regardless of which kind of situation, there will certainly be pressure. I will not care whether the pressure is high or low. I will only place my attention and focus on my performance on the court. Moreover, I would like to make use of this opportunity to thank all the fans who supported me. Thank you all for giving me alot of good suggestions/advices. I will definitely work hard and diligently to improve my game and enhance myself so as to repay the attention and support rendered by all my fans.