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Where in the World is Courtney Lee?

What's Courtney Lee up to, other than calling Dwight Howard to complain about his life?

We haven't found a lot, but we have seen a couple of brief reports--for example, he's been helping out at two camps for kids in recent weeks, one in Florida sponsored by the Magic and one in the Caribbean run by his former teammate Adonal Foyle. (Camp counsellors traveled between islands by yacht!)

He's also been talking to teammates...and he did choose his uniform number, #6, as evidenced by the infamous reversible jersey promotion.

Terrence Williams said in his interview with Nets Are Scorching that he has been talking to Lee and we suspect so have other Nets. Moreover, Lawrence Frank makes it a habit of communicating every day with his roster: texting, calling, emailing. If something is really wrong, we think we would know about it.

As for Howard, how would you feel if your supposed best friend repeatedly--online, in interviews, on television--told everyone how bad you feel, how you're "hurting", about a bad turn in your life? We suspect you might not feel so good about him.

Lee is a confident player on the court, as his teammates attest. But watching his interviews, you get a sense he's not a very public personality off it. He told Dante and Galante, the Magic broadcasters, in March that he doesn't have a Facebook account, a MySpace account and didn't even know what Twitter is!?! He initally referred to it as "Tweeter"!! In March 2009, he doesn't know what Twitter is?!? We rest our case.

We agree with Bobby Simmons. It's not that big a deal. As Simmons, whose been traded more than once, said: "Once he gets here, his mindset will change. Once he gets here and meets the guys on the team, he'll be fine."