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Summer League: Nets v. Celtics July 10, 2009

Hi everyone, late start, but a lot to talk about. Right now the score is 2-2, we've just gotten started. I'll try to update as much as possible, given my rudimentary typing skills.

One thing we often forget about, is that the summer leagus is the first experience a lot of these kids with the 24 second shot clock. In the earlier game today, there were a number of late shot and shot clock violations.

Looks like TWill is acting as the PG, even with Jrue on the floor. We'll see if this lasts.

Had a nice conversation with Coach Frank earlier . . . I'll try to fill you in at halftime . . .

CDR bringing up the ball on that possessions, with Jrue still acting as the offguard.

CDR still acting as a point guard. He drew a blocking foul on the last possession, but missed bot FTs. CDR is coming off of two subpar games. Coach Frank says that he isn't tired, and they're hoping he snaps out of it today.

OK, end of the first quarter with the score 18-14, celtics.

Sitting within ten feet of me are Lawrence Frank, who is talking to Eddie Jordan, and Gregg Polinsky. Gregg is looking forward to his upcoming basketball camp for kids . . .

Nets/Sixers look are in danger of going the entire week without a victory . . .

TWill is impressing me on the defensive end. Guarding his man one-on-one, he rarely gets beaten. He had a little trouble with Westbrook yesterday, but other than that, all good.

TWill throws the ball away. :-(

At the half, it it 42-35.

Just asked Gregg Polinsky about what attracted them--and him in particular--to Twill before the draft. He answered that they love his versatility and his size, and think that he has the potential to be a solid defender. He also answered a long-standing question of mine: He said that there is not a concerted effort to stay away from the college freshmen, but that Rod looks for certain "attributes" when drafting players. Those first few points are things that the Nets FO has discussed before over the past month or so.

TWill has been playing point a lot today so far, so it looks like they are giving him a chance to streatch that versatilty.

OK, here are some halftime stats. TWill has two points on one-for-five shooting. 0-2 from the line. 3 assists.

CDR is 2-4 for 4 points, 2 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 TO. TWill has 3 TOs. Speights and Forbes have 8 points each to lead the team.

Earlier, I spoke to Coach Frank a little bit. He said that they are pretty happy with TWill, and like how he has been attacking the rim more over the past few days. He also said that they are generally happy with the experience of sharing a team with the sixers. ALthough he conceded that the different groups of players all have different agendas (philly/nets/free agents) he stated that they are getting something out of it--you can get something positive out of every esperience--and that they'd do it again rather than not fielding a team at all.

He also recommedned a book for my daughter, so my wife wouldn't have to pay shipping on her amazon order.

Nets/Sixers have a chance in this one . . . it's 47-45 in the middle of the third. Some nice cordination between CDR and TWill, leading to a layup by CDR. CDR was beaten defensively a few minutes earlier, and Coach Frank was vibily frustrated. . . .

CDR hits a pull up jumper. He's definitely handling the ball more, even with Jrue on the court. As a point, CDR is NOT vocal at all--one thing you can get out of being in a gym this size.

timeout, with the score 61-52 celtics. 3rd quarter winding down

Twill likes to pass, but sometimes he passes it to the wrong team.

Witht he exception of the TOs, TWill looks pretty comfortable on both ends of the court. Still playing a lot of point, and he hit a 3-pointer moments ago.

Nice outlet pass by TWill leading to a slam by Speights. Nets/Sixers now down by just 8, with four minutes to go in this one . . .

Nets/sixers try a full-court press, which fails miserably. Celtics by 11.

While TWill seems competent at the point, he lacks the footspeed of the elite PGs. Heck, forget abut the elite PGs. As a PG, his role will be limited to just bringing the ball up the court and making that initial pass. I haven't seen anything to indicate that he could drive by his man and attack the basket while handling the ball. Someone let me know if you disagree . . .

Well, it's alomost over. On the bright side, even a week of bad basketball is better than being in the office.