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Devin Harris on the NBA Draft...and Carlos Boozer

Late in an interview with Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts on WFAN Thursday, Devin Harris was asked both about the upcoming draft and the possible acquisition of Carlos Boozer.

--Regarding the Draft:

"Aw, dont make me play GM"

"We need more of an athlete, someone who can rebound and block shots, someone who can complement Brook really nicely.

--Regarding Boozer, Roberts pointed out that Boozer looks like he'll choose between Detroit and New Jersey...

"I definitely hope he picks New Jersey. I think he fits well in us, he's a 4 man who obviously can complement Brook real well. He can run the screen and roll. He's a rebounder that we need and he can also space the floor as well. I've kind of played with Boozer a couple of times over the summer so I know what he's capable of doing obviously, going...playing against him. He's a talented player so he fits right with what we do."

--Asked if he is willing to recruit the Jazz big man, Harris laughed and answered...

"I'll do what needs to be done".