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Carter Trade 101

Here are the basics of what is the second biggest trade in Nets history, in terms salaries exchanged. (The Nets’ biggest trade, in terms of number of players, was a 1997 deal between the Nets and Mavs. It involved nine players, the headliners being Sam Cassell and Shawn Bradley.)

The Nets receive:

Courtney Lee, a 6’5", 23-year-old shooting guard from Western Kentucky with a rookie contract through 2011-12.

-Tony Battie, a 6’11", 33-year-old center from Texas Tech with a contract through 2009-10.

Rafer Alston , a 6’2", 32-year-old point guard from Fresno State (and Queens, NY) with a contract through 2009-10.

–No draft considerations.

–two trade exceptions the Star-Ledger valued at $3.75 million and $1.2 million. They can be used in trades for one year from date of the trade, meaning from now to close to next year’s draft.

–approximately $4.311 million in cap space, the difference between the contracts sent to Orlando–$17.44 million–and the value of those taken in–$13.3 million. The Nets payroll will be approximately $57.34 million, right at the salary cap. The cap has yet to be set, but in February, the NBA told its teams it expected the cap to be $57.3 million for next season, with the luxury tax at $69.4 million. Dave D’Alessandro of the Star-Ledger estimates that next summer, the Nets will be $27.30 million below the cap, with the savings from Carter’s contract and the loss of other expiring contracts. The Nets now have seven expiring contracts: Bobby Simmons at $11.24 million; Tony Battie at $6.61 million; Rafer Alston at $5.25 million, Trenton Hassell at $4.38 million; Josh Boone at $2.26 million, Jarvis Hayes at $2.06 million and Sean Williams at $1.63 million. Boone will have a qualifying offer for 2010-11 and Sean Williams can have be extended in October. Neither are likely to be extended. In addition, The Nets hold a team option on Chris Douglas-Roberts after this season while Keyon Dooling has a $500,000 one year guarantee in 2010-11 and Eduardo Najera has a $4.75 million two year guarantee through 2011-12 after this season.

The Magic receive:

Vince Carter , a 6’6", 32-year-old shooting guard from North Carolina with a contract through 2011-12, with $37.64 million guaranteed.

Ryan Anderson, a 6’10", 21-year-old power forward from Californa with a rookie contract through 2011-12.

Earlier, the trade had been broken into two transactions, to guarantee the trade exceptions.

Potential issue resolved : Orlando originally refused to give up Lee and offered J.J. Redick instead. When the Nets pressed, the Magic demanded Anderson. Done deal.