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Yi Accepts Fans' Challenge, Pokes Fun at Frank

End of the second season. Good luck to Yao Ming and Sun Yue! (2009-04-16 16:13:14)

The season is over. I need to thank a lot of people. I am not going to mention CCTV, MTV, and New Jersey TV just yet. I want to thank you guys first. Thank you so much for supporting me continuously regardless of my good or bad performance has been. As Chef Fon would say, "xie xie a!" (Thank you very much!) Haha….

Of course, I also saw and heard your criticism. That’s my motivation to move forward. You spur me on to great improvements. There are four more months until the next game. I have to do my best to rest and train myself. I need to improve everything and prepare for the third season.

Now that I've thanked you. Let’s talk about my thoughts about this team. Actually, before I came here last year, I was wondering whether or not I could fit in and make friends with my teammates. After I got here, I felt it was a very relaxed team. The whole team is fun. Everyone loves to joke around in the lockerroom, during training, or whenever we're just hanging around the court. We always make fun of each other. [Brook] Lopez is an example. I am sure you all have already seen his ability to gossip….

This year, I have good relationship with everyone. We often go out to eat in groups. Of course, hands down, [Bobby] Simmons is the person who takes care of me the most. We both came here from Bucks last year. He’s my oldest teammate. He’s always willing to help me out. In conclusion, he’s the kind of person who always helps people for the sake of justice. How do I say that in the Northeastern Chinese language (Dong Bei Hua)? Oh yeah, Lao Zhang Yi (The Justice Man)! He’s like the warrior who's traveled all over ancient China to help people. From the Bucks to here, he’s always been the same. When I have a bad performance, he encourages and advises me. Of course other senior members on the team are nice as well, such as [Vince] Carter and [Keyon] Dooling. They are both very nice and are willing to give us encouragements. I need to thank them as well. Oh, I almost forgot to mention coach [Lawrence] Frank. Oh well, short people are easier to ignore! LOL.

All right, to be honest, I still feel sorry that we didn’t get into the playoffs. I saved a team uniform to commemorate this season. I’ll work harder next season. I still have time. I still have the third, forth and fifth year! Right? Although the regular season just ended, both the Rockets and the Lakers can still play playoffs. I wish Yao Ming and Sun Yue good luck! The Rockets did very well this season. It seems like they are in good shape for the playoffs. As for Yao Ming, a good wish is enough. He doesn’t need encouragements, because he knows how to lead the team to victory! Oh Sun Da Sheng (Wukung The Monkey King), let’s continue to work hard together! Ok, you two wait for me. If time allows, I will be there at the game to show my support. Play well!