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Yi on Celebrity Sightings, Brook Lopez

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Gong Li came to the game to support me! (2009-04-14 15:21:37)

Last game at home was alarmingly dangerous. Luckily, Jarvis Hayes made the last two three-point shots that eventually won the game. Pheww.

To this point, I really have to say New Jersey fans are huge supporters of our team. I remember our last game. Gong Li (famous Chinese actress//Raise the Red Lantern) was here when we played the Orlando Magic and won. Before the game, someone told me she would be here. I was doubtful. I couldn’t believe I actually saw her at the game! I always saw her in movies and I never thought that the first time I would actually meet her in person would be in the stadium. How can I describe it… She’s different than what I imagined. She was like a girl next door. She’s not a diva and was very friendly and easy-going. She’s generally a happy person.

She said it’s her first NBA game. She felt very excited. I wanted to tell her if she came to the game often, there would be a huge increase in our ticket sale! LOL. She looked so serious in most movies, but she’s actually a very fun, interesting person off-screen. She asked if I heard her shouting "Jia-yo" (means-- "Go Team") during the game. I told her I heard it but I didn’t know that was from her and that made her laugh really hard.

This dude Lopez really has a lot of drama and problems. Now all the Chinese media are making fun of his problems. I am speechless. I give up! Lopez looks so tall and strong, but he’s actually a very funny guy, like a little kid. He’s curious about everything and he loves Disney! He’s totally a Disney fanatic. He’s already an adult but still watches cartoons! When we just hang out around the court, he’s always joking around.

We are going to New York to play the Knicks. I wonder which celebrity will show up.

That’s it for now. I’m gonna get some rest.