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Excerpts: Dooling on Yi, Anderson

Keyon Dooling on Yi Jianlian:

"Yi's a very unique player...the fact that he's seven foot, can shoot the ball so well and is extremely athletic. The thing about it is that Yi is young. He doesn't have a lot of playing experience. He doesn't have a lot of experience playing at this level. So there's going to be growing pains like there are with any other second year player in this league. What he has to do is continue to keep working, try to get better. I still think the sky's the limit for Yi."

Keyon Dooling on Ryan Anderson:

"The thing that stands out for me about Ryan is that he is a tough kid. He's been out of the rotation and for a young player that can be very difficult but he's kept himself going in practice. He's put in the extra time. Mentally, he's been able to hang in there. So when his number is called, he's always ready. He's one of those guys who really responds well to adversity. If he gets snatched out of the rotation, he always seems to come back with reckless abandon and he was phenomenal in Milwaukee the other night."