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Fourth Quarter Cold Snap Hits Nets

It happened again. For the third time in four games, the Nets fell to one of the NBA's best teams after being ahead late in the game. Unlike games against the Hornets and Celtics, the lead was greater earlier, but the result was the same. The Nets were ahead by eight with 7:25 left in the fourth, but the Magic surged with a 17-5 extended run. Led by Hedo Turkoglu, who had played poorly the first three quarters, Orlando surged ahead in the last two minutes and withstood a final three-point attempt by Vince Carter with less than two seconds left that would have tied the game. The shot bounced high off the rim and fell into the Magic's hands as time expired. Bobby Simmons had previously missed a three-pointer off a Carter pass that mimicked the play that had beaten the Bucks earlier in the week. Devin Harris finished with 25 points and 9 assists, Carter had 19 and Yi Jianlian had his best game since the break with 12 points on 4-6 shooting to go along with 6 rebounds. Dwight Howard, who made Brook Lopez's life miserable all night, had 26 and 15.