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Yi Jianlian's Blog - Translated


Let’s talk about my daily training…

It’s been a week. How are you guys doing?

We had an early game today, so I have some time to log in and give you guys some updates. Today we lost. I was still thinking about the game when eating dinner. I was disappointed. To play with a strong team like Cavaliers, you need to be 100% prepared. Otherwise, you won’t be able to compete.

Before the game, James and other teammates were joking around in the field. He pretended that he’s a photographer and the teammates were playing along with him. They came up with different styles and some were really funny. Unlike them, we don’t have this kind of imagination. LOL. However, on the court, James doesn’t joke around. As soon as we attacked him, he would give the ball to other people and help them against us. This has become a big problem for us.

After this, we need to go against Cavaliers… I have to adjust myself. Today I missed some opportunities. The balls were supposed to go through but fell out…(sigh)

Alrighty, let’s talk about something else. Just now a Sina journalist told me that you guys were very curious about how I train. I’ll explain to you today, so you know what NBA training is like. For example, if we are training at 11am tomorrow, I need to leave around 9am and rush to the stadium before 10am. I always get there earlier. We need to change to the professional outfits and put on protections. Even though it’s just a training session, we can still get hurt. It’s very important to always put on protections. Then I warm up and start shooting balls. If I have enough time, I’d go to weight room for a bit. At 11am, the official training starts. We follow a set agenda and practice every single item. Sometimes we play games. After training, I usually go to the weight room again. After that, I take a shower and head home. Oh, yeah, forgot to mention my lunch. I usually eat lunch on the way home, because I get so hungry after training!

Let me tell you something fun. Yesterday we had a bowling game for charity. They call it a game, but it’s actually just an opportunity for our fans to go bowling with us. So, we didn’t follow all the rules and we kept changing teammates. Although we are in the game season now, our team still has activities like this to let our fans know how much we respect them. It’s also a good anti-stress activity for us.

A group of people getting together, making fun of each other and laughing out loud was very nice. Our fans were very happy too because they got the pictures and autographs. Oh, you want to ask me how my bowling skills are? I got 6-7 strikes! Not bad, right?

Alrighty. That’s it for today. Don’t worry. Even though we lost the game, we are still very optimistic! We’re not upset. I am confident. Only 12 games left!


A houseman’s flying life…

Hey everyone! Here I am again to give you some updates….

Today’s game was a shame…we lost at the last moment and this is very bad situation for us. How do I describe it? I think Novak killed us. He’s such a good player. He shot in so many balls including the key one. (sign) let’s not talk about this anymore. The game is over. We need to look forward. There’s another game tomorrow. I hope we can do well tomorrow. Can’t be as passive as today.

Harris was injured today, but I think he’s ok. He could still walk by himself and still received some interviews after the game. Seems ok but I’m not sure if he can play tomorrow.

Recently we have been playing at other teams’ courts. We’re in Portland a couple days ago and today we’re in LA. Tomorrow we are going to Denver. We fly to a new place almost every other day. It’s good that I have some local friends and can hang out for dinner or something, so I would get bored. Yesterday before coming to LA, I phoned Sun Yue, but he’s in Denver, so we missed each other. I asked him about NBDL, he said it was ok. He said he’ll take care of it, so fans don’t need to worry about it.

Last time I was here, I couldn’t make it to get together with Sun Yue. I actually can’t remember how many times I’ve been to LA. I was trained here before and I came here for games a couple of times. Compared to NJ, these two cities are very different. One is on the east coast and one is on the west. One is cold and the other is hot. Many things are very different. It’s like the Southern and Northern China. However, I stay at home most of the time. I haven’t been to a lot of places in NJ. Today a female journalist asked me if I’d been to the biggest outlet in NJ. I felt embarrassed that I haven’t. Last time my parents went there I didn’t go with them. I don’t even know what that place look like. That’s a very famous shopping mall. I need to go take a look someday.

All right. That’s it for now. We are flying to Denver very soon. I just heard that the Lakers wanted Sun Yue back to LA immediately. I guess we’ll miss each other again this time. LOL. Good night. Another night on the plane.


Yue Sun and I are talking about…

Hi everyone, did you watch the game today?

We had a very busy night. The team held an event called "Chinese Night." Many Chinese fans from IZOD center were here. The Chinese dragon and linen dance was so powerful. It really impressed me. I was all pumped up before the game. LOL!

I know, during the break they even performed Chinese Opera. I watched it with my teammates. They thought it was interesting. I have to thank all the Chinese fans that came here to support me. Our stadium hasn’t been so exciting for a while. When they played music, everyone sang alone. I was so proud. I hope they can continue supporting me. I will work hard and not disappoint them. Oh, and you guys too!

We finally beat our competitor at the last moment and won. Now every game is extremely important, especially the ones against east coast teams. We need to win every game. I think my condition is getting better. I got this feeling from the recent two games. After this, we are going to play at other teams’ stadium. Four out of the following five games are in the west coast. Some competitors are very strong and some are weak, but our goal is to win as many games as possible,

On 15th, we are going to LA to play with Clippers. The game starts early just like today. I am not sure if I can meet with Sun Yue after the game. I heard from a Sina journalist that he doesn’t have a game that day. Let’s see what his schedule is like. If we have an opportunity, we should get together.

I know Sun Yue is going to be demoted to the NBDL. How do I say it… I don’t have any experience and can’t give him advice. Since he already communicated with his team and made the decision, he must have already prepared everything. I am sure it’s going to help him. What I want to tell you is, it’s not a bad thing to be demoted. It doesn’t mean he’s no longer a member of Lakers. He’s just going to play other games temporarily. Last year, when Sessions was with Bucks, he was demoted once. This year our Sean (Williams) was demoted too. However, you see how great Sessions’ performance was at the game this season. Sean has changed a lot when he came back. It’s not necessary a bad thing, right?

What Sun Yue needs to do is actually very simple. He just needs to continue work very hard. He needs to devote himself to the games, trainings and give his best performances. He will be fine.

All right. Let’s chat some more next time. I hope we do well this trip