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Excerpts - Brett Yormark Interview with WFAN

On Frank Gehry's comments:

Frank Gehry is still the architect of this project, he loves it, it's still dear to his heart, no different than it is to all of us.

It's fair to say there are a lot of people concerned. But things take time in New York City, especially from a development perspective. Frank was just venting, probably. He put out a statemenet saying his comments were misconstrued.

On Barclays Center schedule:

We break ground in summer. We will get it done. We should hear in the next four weeks on the eminent domain suit.

We are going to deliver a heck of an experience at the Barclays Center...If we break ground this summer, we're there for the 11-12 season.

On Daniel Goldstein of Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn:

There's one individual putting his own peronal interests before the project.

On relocating those residents living in the footprint of Atlantic Yards:

We've been working with people there. we want to mkae sure they're relocated.

ultiamtely they will move...they will get a market rate deal for their properties. This is not just about a few residents. It's about 17,000 construction jobs, its about 8,500 permanent jobs.

On the last season in New Jersey:

I don't think we will be playing to an empty building (in 2010-11). A lot of people in Brooklyn are buying season tickets now in anticipation of the move. We have a lot of season tickets holders from Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens.

Our last year in New Jersey, we will be celebrating New Jersey. we will want to celebrate our New Jersey fans for all the support they've given us.

On financing:

"We think we will get the financing. Mets and Yankees got the financing...the Yankees were four times oversubscribed. We are value engineering the building without compromising the fans' experience but that said, we have to bring it in at a number that makes sense. Barclays and Goldman Sachs (the Nets investment bankers) are confident the financing will be there.

On a Plan "B":

I came here for Brooklyn. There is no Plan "B". We are going to Brooklyn. We will get to Brooklyn.

On Preseason Games in Newark and Queens:

We decided to take preseason games off the season ticket holders' commitment which effectively reduces the cash outlay by 7%. And because we were able to make a great deal with the folks at the Prudential center, it made a lot of sense for us.

With regard to St. John's, we will be breaking ground this summer. So that will be our coming out party for Brooklyn. The original campus of St. Johns was in Brooklyn It's at Lou Carnesecca Hall...Lou Carnesecca was obviously the coach of the Nets. There's a lot of connectivity between the Nets, Brooklyn and St. John's so it makes a lot of sense for us to be at St Johns in October, shortly after our ground breaking.

On Nassau Colisseum and other venues:

I don't think we would move in a permanent fashion to Nassau Colisseum. We are open to explosing different opportunties and different locations for preseason games, and for that matter, some regular season games.