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Excerpts - Kiki Vandeweghe Interview with WFAN

On Lawrence Frank's decision to foul Baron Davis late in the Clippers game:

I probably would have done it a little bit differently to be totally honest with you, but look, it's a percentage play and You have to look at the total situation, you have to look at who you're playing, their ability to score down the stretch, there's a lot of factors that go into it. But listen, we're all different. It's a percentage play, it's a gamble. Either way, it's a gamble. But you know, I would have done it a bit differently...

If you're gonna foul, You have to look at the tam you're playing. they hadn't scored much in the fourth. I think they were 1-for-7, their last seven possessions. So I think I would have taken a chance that they score two with little time on the clock and you just play it out. But look, there's also a school of thought and a lot of great coaches foul very quickly and they play the free throw game. We had a good free throw shooter there in Jarvis Hayes. I think had we had to do it over again, we probably would have fouled, but probably would have let a little more time go on the clock which would have changed things dramatically.

On the chances of making the playoffs:

We got a lot of good veterans on the team and we got some of our young players are probably playing a little better than expected.

On Devin Harris' return:

That's an extremely easy decision. he is a foundation building block for us. we will take NO chances with him. So whether he comes back in a game or two or three weeks, his shoulder's got to be right. There's got to be NO chance of further injuring that shoulder, so that's an easy decision. You don't take any chances with a player like Devin Harris.

On Sean Williams:

I think Sean was extremely disappointed in himself. We can't really comment on the whole matter. The only thing I'm going to know both sides were disappointed. It was something that easily could have been avoided and should not have happened. Sean realizes that. And as I told him yesterday, there's going to action taken. This is not something we are going to condone or tolerate.

Right now, I think you have see this out. I dont know all the facts. We're going to get the facts. Certainly they're going to come out over the course of time. We'll see how the court rules on this thing and then we'll make some type of decision.

On the Nets' interest in Danilo Gallinari on Draft Night:

Q. Did the Nets have interest in Gallinari and if you did, were you aware that he had this problem with his back?

I guess the answer is very simple: yes and yes. We liked him, thought he was going to be real good player, had a bunch of guys up on the draft board. We actually had Brook Lopez going in the top four. So we had no idea. We didn't expect him up around us AT ALL. So obviously we were pleasantly surprised when he slipped down to us. We liked Gallinari. There's no question about it. I saw him play numerous times, watched a lot of tape on him. But look having a bad back is no easy matter. I had one most of my career. But I wish him well and I think he's going to be a good player.

You always have to consider that stuff (back issue). We did not kind of do extensive research on it only because we realized he was going to go before us.

On Chris Douglas-Roberts:

Look at the preseason. Before we started, the kid was playing great basketball before he turned his ankle, was out for about three weeks and really never got back in the rotation...and understandably. Obviously, Devin Harris, Vince Carter and Keyon Dooling all playing great basketball, there wasn't really any time for him on the court, but the one thing I will say about this kid is that he worked extremely hard, he's done all the right things. You know, you put him...he's really very interesting. You do drills with him and you watch him and you go, "Man, I don't even know if this guy can play". You start the one-on-one game, he wins it. Two-on-two, his team is always there. He's very competitive. He's kind of a guy who gets things done. I like him a lot. I think he's going to end up a real good player.

On Ryan Anderson:

I think Ryan has progressed...uh...nicely. You know, it's tough when you're thrown into a starting lineup. We had our other player...who I consider a rookie also...Yi was playing extremely good basketball before he broke his finger. He was out six weeks. Ryan filled in, he did a VERY good job but it's very tough, when you're used to playing small minutes, when you're a rookie, and suddenly youre thrust into the starting lineup. Youre playing against front line guys...very difficult. I thought he did a good job. We like Ryan a lot and I he's going to end up a real good player.

On Blake Griffin:

You guys know I can't answer that question because we can't comment on players still playing. I'm sure he's going to eligible for the draft. What I can say is, and it's no secret, he's a tremendous basketball player.

On scouting the Big East tournament:

If you watched any of the games in the Big East tournament, some of the best games I watched in college basketball this year...just really, really good, and you've got, um, three teams off the top of your head, Louisville, Connecticut and Pitt and hey these are great teams. Hey, some people have said, the Big East tournament is going to be as good or better than the NCAA tournament. I just thought it was great. It was a lot of fun watching these games. I like all those teams. All have great coaches. All have different philosophies and styles. Thats what makes the NCAA tournament great. You've got some really good teams. I'm looking forward to a great tournament this year.

On Changes this Off-Season:

That's always difficult. We're going to try to improve the team. We brought in...made a lot of changes over the last year...nine new players, which is a lot. In those types of situations, you sort of want to give players a chance to get used to each other. It's tough. I think Lawrence Frank has done a good job putting the pieces together. It's never easy to have a lot of new guys to learn a new system and that's exactly what happened. But Vince Carter is a very rare talent. These guys do not come along every day. As you can see from last night's game, he's still got a lot in the tank and uh, he can still take over a game when he needs to.