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Kiki On WFAN

--He and Rod Thorn are talking all the time with teams about improving the team this year.

--It will be difficult for the Nets to do two max contracts. A max contract and a $10 million contract or a max contract and several smaller contracts are more likely. He hinted that the Nets cap space might change a bit before July.

--Whoever they sign they would prefer he wants to come to the Nets for more than just money, that he looks at the roster and sees potential. With so many teams having cap space, some players may be overpaid, but remember everyone is hurting financially.

--if the shovel is in the ground in Brooklyn, it will help the team a lot...there is no doubt of that. It's one of the most exciting projects in sports.

--The door is not closed on Sean Williams' Nets future, that the last five games he has played well. The decision not to extend him was part of the "salary cap game"...would his contract prevent the team from signing a big player? He noted a number of teams had not exercised player options, and pointed to Joe Alexander as the best example of a team dumping a high pick out for financial reasons.

--Chris Douglas-Roberts can be a very good player and talked about how hard he worked this summer, joking that he didn't know where he got time to tweet.

--Re Brandon Jennings, he said the Nets liked him a lot, that he had had a great workout for the Nets. He said it would be unfair to suggest the Nets would have taken him if he was there, but admits they were surprised he dropped to #10.

--This will be a very good draft.