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Writers' Reads on Nets Not a Pretty Picture

The writers who follow the Nets most closely are the writers who have the most pessismistic view of the team's prospects. It's one thing for John Hollinger (24 wins) to have a negative view of the team. It's a whole other thing for the D'Alessandro's, Kerber's, Iannazzone's and Garcia's to think the worst.

Here's their most recent work on the subject...from bad to something less than good...

Al Iannazzone, The Record: 22 to 26 wins.

Fred Kerber, New York Post: 26 wins.

Dave D'Alessandro, Star-Ledger: 24 to 28 wins.

Barbara Barker, New York Newsday: 34 wins.

Julian Garcia, New York Daily News: 35 wins.

Expect worse news when the outlying newspapers are heard from. Last year, the Rocky Mountain News predicted nothing much better than a 17-win season. The Nets doubled that prediction...and The Rocky folded its doors before the end of the season.

And as D'Alessandro said in an interview with FOX Sports, "there’s always one young team that stays in the fight". We can only hope it's the Nets.