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Nets Lose Tough One in Milwaukee as Yi Breaks Finger

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Luke Ridnour dropped in the game-winning floater with less than a second left Friday in the Nets' first game against the Bucks and Richard Jefferson. Ridnour's crossover left Bobby Simmons out of position and he drove the lane unattended. It was a tough loss for the Nets who had come back several times over the course of the game, the last time on a Simmons' game-tieing three off a scoop pass from Vince Carter with nine seconds left. It was Carter's 14th assist, a career high. VC came within a rebound of a triple-double, scoring 23 points. The loss was made tougher by word that Yi Jianlian had broken the pinkie finger on his shooting hand when he swiped at the ball and jammed it. He's expected to be out three to four weeks...roughly around the All-Star Break. Yi had hit for 16 in 25 minutes in his return to Milwaukee, his third straight solid game. Richard Jefferson, who was traded for Yi, had a miserable shooting night, going 3-for-15 from the floor and scoring 13 points. The Nets hit 16 three pointers, with Simmons hitting five-of- nine for all of his 15 points and Dooling hitting four-of-six. Jarvis Hayes added 16 points. Devin Harris didn't play.