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In Chat, Chad Ford Disses Hughes Deal

In his ESPN SportsNation chat Tuesday, Chad Ford dismissed the possibility of a Bobby Simmons/Maurice Ager deal for Larry Hughes.

Steve (chi): Chad, is there any way that the Bulls are able to move Larry Hughes' contract before the deadline? If so, who are some possible destinations? Thanks

Chad Ford: Yes, but they won't get anything to really help this team. Talk of a Hughes for Bobby Simmons swap doesn't really get anyone excited on either side. Hughes could disrupt some pretty solid chemistry in NJ. And doesn't Simmons play the same position as Luol Deng and Nocioni? If the Bulls are going to make a move that makes a difference, it has to be with Deng, Tyrus Thomas, Noah and Nocioni. Deng can't be easily traded until this summer, so I expect it to happen then. The bigger question is whether John Paxson will be the one making the deal.