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Interview with Yi JianLian

From Yi Jianlian's blog on

After arriving in NJ from China on 9/8, whats he been busy with during this half a month? What's life in New Jersey been like for him? Yi JinLian spoke with our reporter yesterday and answered some questions.

Q: What's occupied your time since your move to New Jersey?  

Yi: I’ve been working out to try to regain my strength. I hope to do that before the competition. Right now I’m working on my whole body. I’ve also been busy looking for a place to live and settle in so I can focus on upping my game.

Q: How do you like your western coach?  

Yi: Everyone is so easy going, it’s a good match for me. There are quite a few newbies on the team, and its easy to make friends with the younger ones. We’re all concentrating on getting ready for the next meet.   

Q: What are your goals this season?

Yi: I hope to have a strong first game. With all the support I’m sure I’ll achieve it. I also hope to learn from this game and have steady progress.

Q: Isn’t life in New Jersey very different from your life before?

Yi: New Jersey is so close to New York City, there are a lot more Asians. Its also a lot bigger than Milwaukee, which is so spread out, and not as concentrated in the city as in New York.

q: What’s your favorite thing about New Jersey?

Yi (answers immediately) that I’ve found a place to live!

Q: Must be so exciting, what concerns do you have about living here?

Yi: I’ve lived in the US for quite some time now (Ed: He lived in Los Angeles before the draft in 2007), no matter if it's here or there, there are always going to be up's and down's. But right now, I haven’t discovered anything that I don’t particularly like.