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Doug Collins on Yi Jianlian - China vs. Spain

Doug Colllins is the NBC Sports analyst for Olympic Basketball. On Tuesday, he called the Spain-China game with Mike Breen. Here is a selection of his comments on the play of Nets’ forward, Yi Jianlian.

"Where is Yi?" … "Where is Yi?" … "Where is Yi?"

(Yao Ming fouls out trying to stop Pau Gasol from scoring underneath)

"This is where with Yi not playing well…Yi should be able to play with Pau Gasol so Yao doesn’t even have to be on him in that situation. Yi’s lack of production has really hurt his team today. I mean, Wang Zhi Zhi has played the best I have seen him play in four years. Yi has not given them what they needed today in a game with that big Spanish frontline. They need some help."

Breen: "Yi looks really hesitant out there."

"Yi has a lot of work to do. He’s going to that New Jersey Nets team. They traded Richard Jefferson for him."