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Nets to Ticket Holders: "Brooklyn is Happening"

The Nets’ VIP Access officials held a reception for about 40 season ticket-holders Tuesday night at the Barclays Center showroom in midtown Manhattan, assuring them that "Brooklyn is happening" in spite of various reports. Officials added that the team still "anticipates" playing in the Barclays Center during the 2010-11 season and expects to have an official ground-breaking at the site later this year.

Other news from the reception:

–The Nets anticipate building a new practice facility in Brooklyn to replace the team’s current East Rutherford facility around the same time the team moves into the Barclays Center. No word on where the facility would be built or whether Frank Gehry would be the architect of the practice facility as he is for the Barclays Center.

–There will be a new insignia and possibly a new color scheme–no details, but the name will "probably be the Brooklyn Nets".

–The team has begun a Chinese language advertising campaign in local newspapers and on local radio stations to take advantage of the arrival of Yi Jianlian and anticipates becoming heavily involved in Asian and Asian-American community affairs. In the past few days, the team has hired a consultant to help integrate it into the Asian and Asian-American community.

–The team anticipates that at least 35% of the Nets’ New Jersey season ticket-holders will move with the team and to facilitate that is considering shuttle bus service from New Jersey to Brooklyn once Barclays Center opens.

–No decision has been made on Permanent Seat Licenses–an extra fee to reserve seats in the Barclays Center–for season ticket holders. Season ticket pricing should match that for the Knicks.