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Heat Down Nets, but Williams Controls Beasley

In a game that saw the Nets make a valiant, but ultimately futile, comeback, the Heat beat the Nets, 90-81 in the Orlando summer league. Michael Beasley who dominated the Bulls' Tyrus Thomas and Joakim Noah Monday couldn't get untracked against Sean Williams. Beasley scored 9 points on 1-for-13 shooting and garnered 6 rebounds, down from 28 and 9 Monday. All three Nets big men--Williams, Brook Lopez and Ryan Anderson--played well. Williams, who had 3 blocks, scored 11 points while Lopez and Anderson had 18 each. The three had seven rebounds each. Jaycee Carroll and Chris Douglas-Roberts couldn't continue their hot shooting from Monday with 5 points each. Mario Chalmers had 19 points and 10 assists for the Heat. The Nets took the lead in the third with Anderson--10 points--and Lopez--8 points--leading the way. They shot 51 percent from the field, but the Magic scored 35 points on 22 New Jersey turnovers.