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Krstic: NBA is not priority

Source: "Mondo", Interview by Nikola Jankovic and B92, Serbian internet portal
Translated by Milan Lazarevic

Nenad Krstic, Serbian national player, stayed in Russia after tournament in Moscow, while all other players from Serbian squad went to China to play on Diamond ball. A reason is not injury, or disqualification from national team, but his trying to find a new team.
In interview for "Mondo" he’s saying that NBA is not a "must do" thing.

"I’ll stay in Moscow for day or two... I’m trying to finish details about new contract", Krstic said in Monday afternoon.

MONDO: Is Triumph your new option?

Krstic: There’s some true about that... But, I don’t want to talk about details, it’ really too early. I don’t want to talk about that because there are other offers from NBA, Europe and Russia. I expect that I’ll sign new contract as soon as possible, because I really want to join to my national teammates in China.

MONDO: So, you don’t exclude an option to stay in Europe?

Krstic: I don’t... NBA is not my priority. Actually, recently NBA was really unfair with players who have one year till the end of the contract. Those players’ rights are seriously in danger.

MONDO: There are so many players who left NBA this year: Navarro, Garbajosa...

Krstic: NBA clubs are trying maximally to make lower my price on market. I know how good I am and how much effort and work I invested in myself during career. I don’t want let NBA clubs to put me on so low level. That’s maybe good for them, but I know how much I deserve.

MONDO: Is money your only motive to come back to Europe?

Krstic: No. European basketball is closer and closer to NBA quality, and so many players are coming to Europe from there. It’s not secret that European clubs, especially Russian, are bringing players with much better financial contract details then in USA.

MONDO: Is Euroleague one of main factors in choosing club?

Krstic: I would like if I can sign for some Euroleague club, but that will not be a main factor.

MONDO: Are you satisfied with latest performances by National team? Serbian public is positively surprised with wins against Latvia, Ukraine and Russia...

Krstic: Since first day I started to work with Dusan Ivkovic I realised that it would be something special. Besides good work we have good atmosphere, because all players are close to each other because of our age. We know each other since we were playing for youth Serbian National teams. Tournament in Moscow was just a first one and it doesn’t mean a lot. Some other things are much more important, like: exceptional attitude for work and responsibility.

MONDO: You grow up in European system of trainings, but during last few years you were working in NBA style... Are you satisfied with returning to European way of work?

Krstic: Of course, I’m very pleased, except fact that I’m practicing now two times per day. I used to have on one, but longer practice. That’s NBA style of work. But, I’m very happy that I’m working now "old" exercises. I started in such school and it’s naturally that I’m pleased with them.
MONDO: Also, you’re speaking Serbian again...

Krstic: Finally! After everything I survived last two years, after all injuries, it’ very good to be again with old friends. I’m very happy that I work again with our coaches and that people around me are speaking Serbian language.

MONDO: Do you still have problems with your knee injury?

Krstic: No. I must say that. Since first day in National team I have special program for practicing, especially in gym where I’m working with Bata Zimonjic to make my leg stronger. Our coaching stuff has many credits because that injury is part of history now, because they helped me in many ways to return back. Firstly, there were some small pains because I dint play last two and half months, but since I found strength pains disappeared, just like fear that I would injure again. Thank god, that’s beside me...

B92: Krstic got offer from Russian Triumph and stayed in Russia, while all other players went to China. There are equal chances for him to stay in NBA and to come back to Europe. Nets made new contract offer and Cleveland Cavaliers are also interested.

"Krstic has to make decision where he will continue his career and because of that he will stay in Russia or he will go to USA to sign new contract. Depend on that fact he will come to China to play with us, or he will come back to Belgrade where he will wait for us to continue with practicing", Dusan Ivkovic, Serbian national team head-coach, said.

"Nenad was working perfectly during last whole month and he’s on the good road to completely recover and come back to form which he had before accidents with injuries which he had last year. He was with us since very first day, even he didn’t have signed contract, and he was completely without insurance, practically free agent. I think it’s better for our team that Krstic finally solve this problem and then join team and continue with work.", Ivkovic said.