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Jefferson Trade/NBA Draft 101

For the second time in less than four months, the Nets have added five players in the course of a day. In February, of course, the Nets traded Jason Kidd and got back Devin Harris, DeSagana Diop, Maurice Ager, Trenton Hassell and Keith Van Horn. .

The Nets receive:

Yi Jianlian, a 7'0", 20-year-old power forward from Shenzen, China with a contract through 2009-10.

Bobby Simmons, a 6’6", 28-year-old small forward from DePaul with a contract through 2009-10.

Brook Lopez, a 7’0", 20-year-old center from Stanford with a contract through 2010-11 (drafted with the #10 pick).

Ryan Anderson, 6’10", 20-year-old combo forward from California with a contract through 2010-11 (drafted with the #21 pick, acquired from Dallas in the Kidd trade).

Chris Douglas-Roberts , a 6’7", 21-year-old small forward from Memphis with a non-guaranteed contract through 2008-09, typically with a team option for 2009-10 (drafted with the #40 pick).

Remaining assets:

–the Mavericks' first round pick in 2010, unprotected, plus the Nets own first round picks in 2009+ and the Nets' own second round picks in 2010+

–a trade exception valued at $3.3 million from the Kidd trade that will expire at the trade deadline next February. They can be used in trades for one year from date of the trade, but cannot be combined with a player.

-the full mid-level exception valued at $5.6 million (precise amount yet to be set).

-the full lower-level exception valued at $1.9 million (precise amount yet to be set).

–approximately $8.5 million in cap space before tendering contract offers to--or renouncing--the team's free agents: Nenad Krstic, Darrell Armstong, DeSagana Diop and Boki Nachbar, as well as well as the three rookies. The Nets ended the season close to $7 million under the luxury tax threshold and are now another $8 million or so under.

-Van Horn's contract, reportedly valued at $3.5 million (or approximately $4.8 million for trade purposes. KVH's contract is believed to have a buyout clause which must be exercised before the season begins. The amount of the buyout is unknown.

The Bucks receive:

Richard Jefferson, a 6’7", 28-year-old small forward from Arizona with a contract through 2010-11, with a player option in the final year.