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Excerpts: Kiki Vandeweghe Interview - WFAN

I don't know if we are going to major changes. We have a good core in Devin Harris, Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson. We've got good young players. We've got free agents we hope we can keep. We can go out into the free agent market

I was involved in both Dallas and Denver in rebuilding situations, which worked out pretty well, but it doesn't always work the way you think its gonna work.

Richard is really a good the prime of his career. He wins his position every night. Would i say were not going to trade anyone? Hey we were a lottery team, cant say anyone is untradeable.

Richard would be difficult for us to trade, we really like him a lot.

We may not need to make major changes. In this league, you slide very quickly, rise very quickly. Lots of times, you don't need to do major surgery. There are issues of chemistry.

We're very lucky that ownership wants to compete at the highest level and to reach that goal, if we have to move players, we'll do that.

But Richard is a great teammate, not a good one, but a great one.

We've researched this. We think that good players projected higher may drop to us. We plan to keep all our picks. We've made no promises to anyone.

This is why we canvas everyone in the league, see what they think, let them know you're open for business but as it stands, we think that a player projected in top four or five could fall to us.

Gallinari is a good shooter... but there will be a learning curve with any player that comes from a different culture. He shoots the ball well, handles it pretty well. He's not quite athlete, but he was a very good player on his team and we think he could be a very good player in the league.

We will take the best player. Drafting for positon is where you make mistakes.

Could someone in the top four or five drop? I dont know...but I'll tell you this, there are players we didnt even think possible we're doing research on, doing research on player projected very high that we thought would be gone.

Rose and Beasley those two guys...will not be there at 10...thank you sherlock. After that, there are guys who are unlikely. It is very very unlikely O.J. Mayo will be there, but there scenarios where you cant be sure.

Brooke Lopez is one of the guys you have to do due dilience on.

I dont think he gets to us but you have to do due diligence because I guarantee you there will be a situation where someone will be taken and you will say, wow, why did they take him and you have to be prepared, because 2 minutes before pick you will get a call asking 'would you do this?' and you have to think fast...