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Nets Are Dunkin' Fools

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Everyone knows that the Hawks are young and athletic…the Lakers and Sixers too. The Nuggets may not be as young, but they have a cast of great athletes.

Still, if you consult the CBS Sportsline Dunk-o-Meter, you might be surprised at who else you find there in the list of the NBA's top dunkers in 2007-08.

Of the top 100 dunkers, six are Nets, more than any other team. Richard Jefferson placed #23 with 95 dunks, followed by Josh Boone at #36 with 72, Vince Carter at #38 with 71, Sean Williams at #48 with 61, Stromile Swift at #64 with 48 and DeSagana Diop at #95 with 30.

The Lakers, Sixers and Nuggets had five each in the top 100. Representing the Lakers, in order, were Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum, Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom and Rony Turiaf. For the Sixers, it was Andre Igoudala, Samuel Dalembert, Thaddeus Young, Jason Smith and Reggie Evans and for the Nuggets, Kenyon Martin, Carmelo Anthony, Marcus Camby, Linas Kleiza and J.R. Smith. The Hawks had four: Josh Smith, Josh Childress, Marvin Williams and Al Horford. Dwight Howard led the league with 267. Amare Stoudemire finished second with 208.

As a team, the Nets finished sixth in team dunks with 384, behind the Nuggets, Sixers, Lakers, Magic and Suns. Who finished last? The defending NBA champ San Antonio Spurs, with a mere 94. The Spurs are also the league's oldest team.

(And for those who want to know, Jason Collins and Jamaal Magloire had seven each, same as Devin Harris).