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Off-Season Dates to Remember

June 30 - Player Options. Across the league, players like Gibert Arenas, Jermaine O'Neal, Shawn Marion, Baron Davis, Allen Iverson and Elton Brand must make decisions on their player options.

July 1 - Free Agent Negotiations. Teams may begin negotiating with free agents today. Desagana Diop and Boki Nachbar are unrestricted free agents. Nenad Krstic is a restricted free agent under his rookie contract. The Nets have the right to match any offer Krstic receives from other teams. Krstic can also agree to a $2.8 million qualifying offer, which would permit him to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1, 2009.

July 4-6 - Team China vs. Australian All-Stars. Yi Jianlian will try to dominate the paint against a team of all-Stars from the Australian National Basketball League in a two-game exhibition set outside Shanghai.

July 7-11 - Orlando Pro Summer League. Rookies Brook Lopez, Ryan Anderson and Chris Douglas-Roberts will join Sean Williams, Maurice Ager Jaycee Carroll and Julius Hodge in Orlando for the 15-game summer league. The other teams in the mix are: the Magic, the Heat, the Bulls, the Sonics, and the Pacers. That means the league will likely feature the #1 (Derrick Rose), #2 (Michael Beasley), #4 (Russell Westbrook) and #10 (Brook Lopez) draft picks.

July 9 - Free Agent Signings. Teams may begin signing free agents today, although decisions are often made and reported earlier. The same day, the league will announce how much each team will either have to pay in luxury taxes or will receive in disbursements from the luxury tax pool. The Nets are likely to receive around $2.5 million.

July 17-July 20 - Borislav Stankovic Cup, Hangzhou, China. Yi Jianlian will compete in this annual FIBA tournament as will Nenad Krstic. Yi is training for the Beijing Olympics, Krstic for the Eurobasket 09 Qualifying Tournament. Yi and Krstic face off on July 17 and Yi could face off against Andrei Kirilenko of Russia two days later. In addition to China, Serbia and Russia, Angola fills out the tourney.

July 21-24 - Rocky Mountain Revue. The Nets will play for the first time in the Jazz Summer League. Marcus Williams, who didn't play in Orlando, is scheduled to play here. The other teams competing: the Utah Jazz, Dallas Mavericks, Atlanta Hawks, Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs, a D-League All-Star team and the Iranian National Basketball Team, FIBA's Asian Champion. Among the notables in the Revue will be Anthony Randolph, Marco Belinelli and Brandan Wright of the Warriors, George Hill of the Spurs, Al Horford and Acie Law IV of the Hawks and Gerald Green of the Mavs.

July 25-27 - Melcher Cup, Moscow, Russia Together with Russia, Latvia and Ukraine, Krstic's Serbian National Team will take part in this Olympic tournament which for Russia will be a tune-up for the Olympics, for the others a tune-up for European competition later in the summer.

July 29-August 1 - FIBA Diamond Ball Tournament, Nanjing, China. Yi is part of the host nation's team in this annual tourney. Krstic will be playing again as well. Krstic committed to play with Serbia in this tournament January when he told an ESPN chatroom this January: "It's an honor to play for my National Team and I'm looking forward to playing this summer." The three day tournament also includes Angola, Australia, Argentina and Iran.

August 8-24 - Olympics, Beijing, China. Yi can be expected to play a major role for China in the Olympics. If Slovenia gets into the Olympics via the Qualifying Tournament, Nachar will play in Beijing...assuming he re-signs.

August 20-September 6 - Eurobasket 09 Qualifying Tournament, Italy. Serbia didn't qualify for the Olympics last year, so it must play in a qualifying tournament to get in the European championships next year in Warsaw. Krstic and his Serbian teammates will play a round-robin tournament in northern Italy against other teams, including Italy, Finland, Bulgaria and Hungary.

October 31 - Contract Options. Assuming all are still with the team, five Nets appear to have contract options. The Nets must decide to exercise fourth year options on Josh Boone and Maurice Ager as well as a third year options on Yi and Sean Williams. This is also apparently the deadline for renewing Keith Van Horn's contract.