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D'Antoni, Nelson Add Their Voices to the Kidd - Harris Debate

D’Antoni on Devin

Mike D’Antoni saw a good deal of Devin Harris when the point guard was in the Western Conference. He was asked in the pre-game what he has thought of Harris’ transition in New Jersey.

"The biggest thing is he is a lot more aggressive shooting the basketball and he’s gotten a lot better at it. He’s dangerous; he’s a good point guard. He’s young but really good. We like Devin Harris. You guys got a good young player right there."

--New Jersey Nets

What do the Warriors think?

Don Nelson drafted Devin Harris, but the Golden State coach thinks the Jason Kidd trade made his former team better for the immediate future. Kidd recently turned 35. Harris is 24.

"For a short period of time, they really have improved their team," Nelson said. "It’s the long term effect, where you’re picking up an older player and lose a younger player, so you’re talking about after three years. But as of right now, I think they probably are a stronger team."

Warriors forward Al Harrington was asked if trading for Kidd is a reaction to Baron Davis getting the best of Harris in the playoffs.

"Yeah, but I don’t think he can guard Baron either," Harrington said. "To be honest, when he’s on his game, nobody can guard him. I’m sure that was something they had in their mind, but when Baron is on, put a center on him, and he’ll post you up and do whatever you want to do. We’ll see. It’s going to be a good game."

--Dallas Mavericks